Monday, February 13, 2012

Photo dump of the first weeks of life!

Until now I never understood how people could take so many pictures of one tiny person.
GO cougs

Hat made by Grandma Tiffany

Hat made by Ashley

Personalized blanket from the Dunns

Took treats to the nurses for taking such good care of us

Sleeping with dad and the dogs
First car ride our trip home

Look at his little folded hands

Mason loves to drink pumped breastmilk... comes faster :)

Nala with her baby

Bandit loves his little brother

All ready for his first Super Bowl

We sure love this little guy!


mrs. olson said...

He is so sweet! I am glad you two are recovering well!!

Erin and Devin said...

What a doll Courtney! It sounds like you went through some really hard things to have him! But I'm sure you are grateful to have him! Good luck with your little man and all the fun that comes with him!

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Michelle said...

So cute!!!