Saturday, August 31, 2013

Potty training FAIL

The title of this post is negative. It was a very rough day. But not for what most people would think. There weren't a million accidents. In fact i only have two dirty pairs of underwear in the laundry. i  just learned a lot of "mommy lessons" today. I failed as a mom today. Definitely. But the good news is that Mason is going to sleep and when he wakes up we I will have another chance. Because I'm just that lucky. I love him so much and today I forgot about why. I turned into this obsessed freak. Sometimes I just get so caught up with him growing up and what I want him to to do next and some how proving myself as a "good mom" by how he is "turning out". When i feel mommy Guilt since I go to work and so over weekends and evenings I find myself trying to make up for lost time but in a negative way. Today I wanted mason to be potty trained so badly I made the whole day just miserable for the both of us. He cried and threw more fits the he has in the last year combined. I got mad more times the necessary and fed him so much sugary crap it's a miracle he is even sleeping right now. But my reality check came when we were outside, he got away and I thought Travis had him but he didn't and he thought I had him.  We all panicked as we ran up the isles of the storage units screaming his name. Only to find him completely fine playing with rocks. Just being a toddler. My perfectly adorable baby boy just being himself. I love him to death and so sad I wrecked this day. Tomorrow will be different. I know we will probably have days like this (like next time we potty train) but I've just got to slow down. I can be mason's super mom I don't need to compete with everyone else if I just remember that! 
I did catch this super sweet moment of Travis and mason watching some coug football together!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WSU bears

Mason loves animals. He knows lots of animal names and sounds. He is obsessed  with dogs and birds. He also loves fish and cougars (pictures and the WSU logo) there isn't a zoo near by but he loves the wsu  bears. This area on campus where they have a live bear habitat where students observe them and care for them. We've stopped a couple of times but this was the best of all. Two bears were right by the fence and looking right at us. Then they went to their big basin of water and climbed in and were playing with this ball!  Mason was glued to the fence watching and squealing and saying "bear bath ball" over and over. Literally his three favorite thing all in one. He was reaching for them (its double fenced so he could reach them of course) but rarely have I seen him so happy. He was ecstatic. We watched them for like 20 min. When it was time to go I had to force him into his carseat as he screamed "bye bear" over and over. It was so awesome and I was so glad he loved it!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Color me coug 5k

So there was this time I was like "I wanna run a half marathon or a triathlon!" So I put it on my 101 list. Well that was before I actually tried running/getting in shape/or having a baby... Well then fast forward when I see a 5k color run and I was like "pshh 5k I could do that instead" so literally as I click submit Travis is like "you know a 5k is over 3 miles" and I was all "ya so..." And then realized I really only had a week to train. So I ran 2 miles for the whole week prior. Not much of "training" but I was running about a 12 minute mile. So I set my 5k goal at 45 minutes. To account for the color, running with friends and a unfamiliar course. 
The day of the event I was so excited. I couldn't sleep the night before which is very unusual for me. 
Here we are all white and ready to go!

First 5k ever!! We ran the 5k through campus and every so often was a different color station where volunteers chucked color at you as you ran past. Some even had squirt guns full of colored water. 
And after!!! I ran it in 35 minutes!! I was so proud of myself. I walk some of the hills but ran the rest!
Here we are all colored. 
It was very fun and very messy. It was just colored cornstarch but it was everywhere.  At the orange station the volunteer chucked the powder at the perfect time to get right in my mouth!! Yuck!
My new running shoes (asics cumulus) were covered. Same with my water bottle fanny pack called the "trail diva"
An hour after this picture was taken I was sitting with my family at church! It was a busy morning!
I am so proud of myself. I know I can do hard things! I plan on continuing running and who knows maybe do more races!!

Sleepy at tristate

Travis and I enjoyed a good two hours at tristate without having to chase mason down. He fell asleep in the car and by a miracle he didn't wake up when we put him into the stroller! Then by another miracle stayed asleep for his whole nap time while we perused the isles. It was a great shopping trip ha ha 


This summer the dollar tree had toddler sunglasses and we bought mason a few pairs. They fit perfect. He loves his "eyes" and wears them almost as much as hats. 

He thought the dogs looked pretty funny in them too!


Cowboys eat hot dogs out of the back of the jeep while we wait for the lumber to be cut! Pullman building supply thought mason was one cute cowboy! And I have to agree!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Face time laughs

Mason is wild on FaceTime now and it makes his aunts and uncles laugh very hard. He walked around holding the iPad saying "buddy" "chssss" (buddy and chase) and "co co and claka" (Chloe and Clara) and finally they heard him say their names. He is such a cutie and I love watching him play with his aunts and uncles!

Also when mason waits for them to answer he can see himself and he just smiles and laughs. He's a bit vain ha ha

Bus driver Courtney

At the beginning of the summer I found out that if I wanted to go on field trips I needed to drive my own class on the bus. I nervously took the training but it actually wasn't bad at all. It's kinda fun! And so every Monday I loaded up my class and drove them all over the Palouse! We went to lots of parks, a&w, picnics, Pizza Hut, cougar country, Hamilton Lowe pool, pets are people too and the dollar store. It fits 14 kids and is a beast! I have to stop at the railroad tracks and it has the typical bus doors and emergency exits. It has pretty neat seat with seat belts but also folds into a 5 point harness car seats for the littler kids. It has been such a great summer. We are pretty lucky to have busses to drive to show the kids even more about their community. 

Baby O

I was so excited we got to see Karyn's baby before they move! I already just
love him! My friends share know how to make the most perfect babies!!! 
We went out to Rosalia where Karyn's grandparents live to attend the baby blessing. We spent the rest of the day playing in the yard. Mason was completely wild and got very dirty. Good thing I'm the stain fighting master! 
We are really going to miss the Nash's when they move. Once again we loose another to the land of poo-tah. Jk but seriously why must everyone I love leave!