Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bus driver Courtney

At the beginning of the summer I found out that if I wanted to go on field trips I needed to drive my own class on the bus. I nervously took the training but it actually wasn't bad at all. It's kinda fun! And so every Monday I loaded up my class and drove them all over the Palouse! We went to lots of parks, a&w, picnics, Pizza Hut, cougar country, Hamilton Lowe pool, pets are people too and the dollar store. It fits 14 kids and is a beast! I have to stop at the railroad tracks and it has the typical bus doors and emergency exits. It has pretty neat seat with seat belts but also folds into a 5 point harness car seats for the littler kids. It has been such a great summer. We are pretty lucky to have busses to drive to show the kids even more about their community. 


Rachael said...

You are awesome! I would totally be intimidated to drive a bus. What a fun teacher you are!!!

Shari Brown said...

You go girl! You are much braver than I would be. Glad you are not letting a little transportation issue slow you down. :)

Rik no Orkut said...