Monday, August 19, 2013

Color me coug 5k

So there was this time I was like "I wanna run a half marathon or a triathlon!" So I put it on my 101 list. Well that was before I actually tried running/getting in shape/or having a baby... Well then fast forward when I see a 5k color run and I was like "pshh 5k I could do that instead" so literally as I click submit Travis is like "you know a 5k is over 3 miles" and I was all "ya so..." And then realized I really only had a week to train. So I ran 2 miles for the whole week prior. Not much of "training" but I was running about a 12 minute mile. So I set my 5k goal at 45 minutes. To account for the color, running with friends and a unfamiliar course. 
The day of the event I was so excited. I couldn't sleep the night before which is very unusual for me. 
Here we are all white and ready to go!

First 5k ever!! We ran the 5k through campus and every so often was a different color station where volunteers chucked color at you as you ran past. Some even had squirt guns full of colored water. 
And after!!! I ran it in 35 minutes!! I was so proud of myself. I walk some of the hills but ran the rest!
Here we are all colored. 
It was very fun and very messy. It was just colored cornstarch but it was everywhere.  At the orange station the volunteer chucked the powder at the perfect time to get right in my mouth!! Yuck!
My new running shoes (asics cumulus) were covered. Same with my water bottle fanny pack called the "trail diva"
An hour after this picture was taken I was sitting with my family at church! It was a busy morning!
I am so proud of myself. I know I can do hard things! I plan on continuing running and who knows maybe do more races!!

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miriam said...

Um, maybe move to Wyoming and be my running buddy? We can run away from bears and stuff. :) You are awesome. A good time on a 5k with no training. Seriously awesome.