Thursday, August 20, 2009

Seattle Trip and 1st day of Student Teaching

I had a short "summer." Since i went to school until July 23 then worked full time until August 7th then went to Seattle for 10 days, I only really got 2 days to completely relax and do nothing. So needless to say it has been quite a whirl wind summer.
I thought i'd share some of the pictures from our trip.
Can i first just say that we have the BEST family ever. My family is great and i have the greatest in-laws so basically i am just double lucky. Travis' family and my family live like 5 minutes apart so it's super convenient to see both sides when we visit.
We had a super fun time shopping, eating out, eating good home baked meals, playing with my niece and nephew and catching up. I just loved every minute of it.
We made it to a mariners game and even though we lost i was so excited to be at safeco. Here are some pictures. We are wearing matching Griffey jerseys ahhh

I also got to see Abe my favorite little boy ever. He has Down Syndrome and we've been friends since he was 4. i can't believe he is already 11! anyways he absolutely adores travis and his family is wonderful so i was glad we had the chance to see him again. They also own a SNAKE and i kissed it !! it licked my nose!

For those who want an update how my first day of student teaching went it was great. I already get along great with my cooperating teacher. I can't wait to work with the kids and get more and more experiences.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Woodshed

I haven't came up with a new name for our place... if you recall i name everywhere we live... the hallway home (Rexburg), the indy pad (Indianapolis), and the timeshare (Va Beach) but i haven't quite come up with the perfect one for this place. but i thought i'd share pictures of the new place and if you can't tell how big it is from the pictures it is about twice as big as the hallway home. Clara don't worry there is space.

I'd also like to announce the arrival of my NEW favorite thing. Take a look at these beauties!

my new RED kenmore washer and dryer!! yay!!

Next we have the bathroom. we got a new shower curtain to extend the shower and that cool built in shelf for added storage!

These are shots of our new living room. travis got a new recliner because there is now room for one. My desk is now my sewing table with room for my crafties! you can also see my new WII FIT its the lime green thing against the wall. My Mother and Father in-law got it for me for graduation and it is so fun!!

Here is a shot of our kitchen coming in from the living room. It is a big and spacious and actually has room for our kitchen table. We also got our microwave also a lovely red color!!

Here is our bedroom. we got these wonder hangers and are using the two shelves to hang everything instead of getting a dresser. Since our bed is so big it all wouldn't have fit. but we love it!

And these are shots for my sister. Clara will be moving in next month so i just wanted her to see what she's working with. Love ya sis!

There it is. come by anytime. were right by the Porter Park splash park. we hope you enjoyed your tour today. have a nice day

picnic in the park!

It was Dinner and a Show!!
Travis and I went with our good friends Tom and Mindy to the park to enjoy Quiznos and Horkleys. Quiznos is having this sweet deal right now and if you buy one sandwich you can get another (of the same type and size) for one dollar!! so we got those and our favorite 44oz drink spot Horkley's has 71 cents drinks. So then we went to the park by our house and sat on blankets to watch these grown men play battle with fake swords and shields. there was was like 6 of them all playing in the grass so we just watched them while we ate!! Dinner and a Show.
here is some photo documentation of the evening.

Travis hates getting his picture taken. this describes us perfectly. i am all smiles and he looks like a monkey.

Tom and travis are alike in a million different ways, so it is no surprise he hates pictures too. But Mindy is happy to be on a double date!

Me and Mindy in a tree photo opportunity

The "show" we were trying to be desecrate while taking their photo. The best part was the commentary though "you won't fight like me until you reach the level of synine i have worked so hard to achieve" It was exactly like Role Models if you have seen that movie where if they get hit in the legs they have to fight on their knees and if they loose an arm they put it behind their backs.

And Me and Mindy again!!