Saturday, August 1, 2009

picnic in the park!

It was Dinner and a Show!!
Travis and I went with our good friends Tom and Mindy to the park to enjoy Quiznos and Horkleys. Quiznos is having this sweet deal right now and if you buy one sandwich you can get another (of the same type and size) for one dollar!! so we got those and our favorite 44oz drink spot Horkley's has 71 cents drinks. So then we went to the park by our house and sat on blankets to watch these grown men play battle with fake swords and shields. there was was like 6 of them all playing in the grass so we just watched them while we ate!! Dinner and a Show.
here is some photo documentation of the evening.

Travis hates getting his picture taken. this describes us perfectly. i am all smiles and he looks like a monkey.

Tom and travis are alike in a million different ways, so it is no surprise he hates pictures too. But Mindy is happy to be on a double date!

Me and Mindy in a tree photo opportunity

The "show" we were trying to be desecrate while taking their photo. The best part was the commentary though "you won't fight like me until you reach the level of synine i have worked so hard to achieve" It was exactly like Role Models if you have seen that movie where if they get hit in the legs they have to fight on their knees and if they loose an arm they put it behind their backs.

And Me and Mindy again!!

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