Thursday, January 30, 2014

Double ear rupture.

My always happy, loving baby boy has two ruptured ear drums!! Poor baby!! He got sent home from school Tuesday because of a fever and so we went home and he slept 10-4! Then he was fine so we went to school Wednesday for his birthday. Then Thursday he woke up from his nap at school and had another fever. This time I took him into the doctor. the doctor was shocked when she looked into his ears. She put him on antibiotics and we need to go back in next week. Poor guy. He's been so quiet I barely noticed anything was wrong. We've both had coughs and plugged up noses.  He told me "I sick I sleep in moments bed". Such a cutie. 
We brought him home and he watched toy story with his buddies. Feel better soon may may!

Mason is TWO!

I can't believe my baby is two! He is so big and I love him so much. Is it weird that he is my best friend. I'm so happy to be his momma!

At his school birthday party. 

Happy birthday mason!!
He picked Applebee's for dinner so we went with crystal and Braylin. So much fun!

Other random January pics

Sickly mason! He was so tired and sick this week!

Winter selfie. Love this infinity scarf
Mason and his ball buddy Chandra made him. 
Smiling for a picture for daddy
Silly bucket head at school!

Bubble bath with dinosaurs!

Go dog go

For masons birthday my parents got him these books and stuffed animal sets from kohls. They picked Go Dog Go and Finger Thumb. The dog and the monkey come everywhere with us know. He loves them! We read the books before bed! I love my little book worm!

Black eye

Mason got a black eye in school. Made him look pretty tough. Especially with his backwards hat and football hoodie! Love my toughie!

Frozen fog

This year pullman winter has been so weird! It hasn't snowed much but still really cold. 
We had a week of frozen fog that left frost on everything fences, branches, grass. It was actually really pretty. 

Birthday dinner

Mason and I went out with Travis family for masons birthday. Travis parents, brother, and both sets of grandparents came.  It was fun to see everyone and celebrate mason!
Also that weekend  Karissa my niece (Travis' oldest brother's oldest daughter) came to stay with mason and I. We went shopping and got ready for masons party. She was a huge help and we loved having her. Then we ordered the same drink! Twinsies!
My cute birthday boy!!

Mason and "kissa". He is also wearing a shirt saying "nana's favorite". He kept saying it over and over than saying. Sorry kissa and laughing. 

Chris and Jim got mason a storybook they recorded their voices too. And Travis' grandparents got him this talking puppy with games and learning songs and gg gave him money he used to buy a few new books. 

We love our families so much! It was so great to see everyone and to have the company!


Found some pictures of Travis in their group Facebook page. He looks so serious! Even serious for him!

Jesus' house.

New church clothes! I love this outfit! 

Mason is SO busy at church. But he is starting to learn the importance of going to church. 
A couple of cute church related things mason has said/done lately
First for whatever reason mason calls church "Jesus' house". Which is adorable and true. 
We saw a picture of the last supper at a restaurant and mason saw it and said "Jesus?!l" like what are you doing here. It was hilarious!
He had another bonk on his eye I said "mason  what happened to your eye? How did it happen?" he said "at Jesus' house" must have been in nursery
He wanted to wear slippers and I said "we have to look nice. Jesus wants us to dress good at church" and he said "Jesus like this slippers". Touché mas!
When we didn't pick up a friend for church he said "uh oh Jesus sad, Jesus not happy". 
When we went to the temple he said "Moroni has a trumpet?!" So excited. Ha ha. 

Love this little man!

Pup update

The puppies are doing really good. Nala misses Travis and is my constant shadow. Bandit runs away if I am not watching. But I am so glad they are ours and they keep me such good company and cuddles. 

Nala ate a bar of soap last week and threw up everywhere. I couldn't believe it she is so weird. 

Mason keeps asking for a kitty. The sooner he understands we are dog people the better ha ha

Swami hats

Growing up we we always wrapped our hair up in a towel after the bath and pool. For whatever reason we called them "swami hats" probably because they look like the turbans. Anyways mason has wanted to do everything momma does so he wanted one too. He looked so cute! Hopefully he doesn't get too girly while Travis is away ha ha

Mas and bray

My friend crystal has a 4 year old daughter and mason adores her! Seriously they are so cute together. She is going to be a great big sister. He wants to be with her all day at school and after. We started doing a lot more together because they have so much fun together!
I love this picture of the two of them!

Curly hair

My hair is perfect for quick little ringlets too. I really like it styled like this too. 

Ps I got this jacket off Pick your Plum for like 6 bucks and love it! 

First bandaid.

You probably won't believe this is his first bandaid because he is so wild but really this is! Besides like shot bandaides on his thigh. He was so excited to show off his Spider-Man bandaid to everyone who would give out sympathy. We have entered the "owie" stage!


We started a gymnastics class (or NASTics as mason calls it)! It's Saturday morning drop in class and it's perfect. It's  30 min. Structured but still flexible and full of obstacle courses! Masons fav!
Of course mason loves the higher balance beams and large tramps and un even bars instead of the "toddler approved equipment" but he usually tries everything!

And of course the foam pit! He jumps in that thing over and over. Then I started throwing him in and now he just wants that!! He loves it! 

It had been a great class for him to run around and get his energy out!

Hair cut

Because I didn't have enough Chang in my life already. I did it! I went from this

To this! 
I love it!! It is so much more healthy and manageable. It feels clean and smooth and is pretty low maintenance. I am so glad I did it. I was nervous Travis wouldn't like it but thought there would be time for it to grow out but Travis said he loves it! Yay!

Bubble machine

Mason loves his bubble baths. He now wants me to hold the machine "up up high" so all the bubbles fall down. He is so funny. And baths take forever! But he loves it!