Sunday, June 8, 2014

A trip to the west side

After Travis got home we needed to go see the fam! We had a big BBQ with my family and his at the Mattoons. It was so nice to do. 
Full car. Bandit not pictured. 

Travis and mas took a ride on the wave runners. Mason also jumped off the dock and went swimming with uncle chase. The dogs also went swimming. 

Most mornings look like this. Mason loves having daddy home. 

Mason insisted bandit needed sunglasses. Bandit obeyed. 
Taking a bath in gramzi's giant bathtub!!
We got a costco bed for the dogs. They love it!!
We couldn't find mason anywhere then we found him sitting on grandpa Jim Jim's motor cycle all by himself. Travis got on the back. Mason loves motorcycles but always tells grandpa Jim Jim to get a green one. Not red.  ha ha

It was a quick but successful trip. Until next time lake stevens!

Our first week back together

I can't even describe how happy I am to have travis back! It is like the best thing. I can't remember the last time I was just this deeply satisfied and happy. We have soaked up every minute. We both aren't working so we are just enjoying the stay at home family lifestyle. We went to all of Travis favorite stores and played with mason. We ate out with our good friends and then traveled to the west side to see family.
Mason walking with his hands in his pocket. 
Mason played in his new "pool". It's a raft I fill with water. 
"Hiking" with daddy
Park and swings with dad!!
Cabella's in post falls
Being silly on our drives. 
Soaking up the sun with the dogs 
Playing blocks with daddy. Mason jumped ever time Travis snapped his hands to make a noise. 
Going to church for the first time as a family since Christmas!

Nala was so so so excited to see Travis. 
Mason loves getting daddy's attention by getting him to laugh!!

Solider homecoming.

I had invisioned this day for months! I was all ready with my signs and shirt and flag and so so excited. Then the text comes. Travis said his flight is midnight on Friday in Spokane. Literally the complete opposite of what I wanted. I wanted early in the week in the day in pullman. But I was still so excited it superseded my disappointment. Travis went to the airport as early as he could on Thursday. Lucky is he snagged an earlier flight with less layovers. So he texted real quick. I got it when I woke up and started getting ready to go. Then at ten I got a text that he made his connection and he would be in Spokane at noon! I had already got someone to watch the dogs and booked a hotel.  I had called the hotel but they didn't take same day cancelations so I figured we still stay up there. 

We arrived at the hotel with no problems. He would arrive in ten minutes. Then we got word the plane was circling because the air show was practicing. So we Waited longer and longer. So the signs went down. Then the flag then it was just a toddler mommy battle. But it was all worth it when we saw him!!
Sooooooo happy to have him home. 

I made mason's shirt. I loved the back too 
Travis showing mason the plane he came on. 
Mason saw how Travis was standing and he adjusted how he was standing so he could stand just like him. He was so happy to have his daddy back!!
This little soldier (and his mommy) definetly missed Army Daddy Travis!!

AIT graduation

Thanks to modern technology (and awesome family friends that lived locally) mason and I were able to watch the graduation even though we could make it to virginia. I tried to get a few screen shots. 
Travis was the very tallest and since he was distinguished honor grad he got to go in front. 
Here he is recieving his awards. 

Chuck and Renee got to go to the graduation and took a few pictures for us. 

So so proud of my solider!!!

Waiting for daddy

We tried to stay busy counting down the final days before Travis graduated and came home from AIT ("army camp")
We washed the car and mason was amazed. 
We rode bikes in giant puddles (later to go swimming in said puddle)
We were just plain silly. 
And soaked up the last few days of eating whatever we wanted for bfast lunch or dinner :)

We can't wait for Travis to come home!!

Children's museum with Kaci and Jackson

We were so excited to get together with my friend kaci from high school and son jackson. Mason and Jackson are about a year apart. And I got to meet baby Jonah! So fun. I love that children's museum too.   

Mason was climbing on everything as we waited to go in. 
He loved the ball shoot
This color wall reflected your movement. Mason was loving "ninga dancing" as Jackson called it. 
I wrote his name in the light sticks but he wouldn't stand near it. Little stinker. 
Mason and Jackson loved exploring the bus. 

toddlers are really difficult to photograph but it was really fun. We left just in time before the pre-nap meltdown and the stop playing fits began. It was really a great time and can't wait To go again!
Such a fun day with kaci!!