Sunday, June 8, 2014

Children's museum with Kaci and Jackson

We were so excited to get together with my friend kaci from high school and son jackson. Mason and Jackson are about a year apart. And I got to meet baby Jonah! So fun. I love that children's museum too.   

Mason was climbing on everything as we waited to go in. 
He loved the ball shoot
This color wall reflected your movement. Mason was loving "ninga dancing" as Jackson called it. 
I wrote his name in the light sticks but he wouldn't stand near it. Little stinker. 
Mason and Jackson loved exploring the bus. 

toddlers are really difficult to photograph but it was really fun. We left just in time before the pre-nap meltdown and the stop playing fits began. It was really a great time and can't wait To go again!
Such a fun day with kaci!!  

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