Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy st Patricks day!

Happy saint Patricks day! We love wearing green!!

We didn't do anything too special (even one of masons teachers didn't wear green) but we tried to dress festive and make cute little treats.  Next year when Travis is back we will have corn beef and cabbage since it's one of his favorites!

Baby Toms!

Baby toms!!! Ever since mason was born (actually even when I was pregnant) I've wanted baby toms! But they are so expensive so I kept thinking when his feet slow down growing. But while we were on our trip these were at a consignment shop and Chris bought them for him. I was so excited and he just looks so cute in them!!

Last days (Friday and Saturday)

The reason we got to take Travis home with us after the graduation was because we promised to take him to Fort Lee, VA by Friday at 5. Travis parents graciously drove us there. We left mason at home with chuck And Renee so he didn't have to be in the car for that long. It was a four hour drive and once we got him there he was lucky enough to get a weekend pass!! So we drove him back to spend one more night with me and two days and nights with his family. 
The next morning we woke up late (both alarms didn't go off!!!) so we were woken up by chuck much later than planned. So we were very rushed. It worked out fine and we made it to the plane without trouble but it made me pretty frazzled. 
As we said our goodbyes I held it together pretty well. Travis waited until we were past security to leave. Mason kept yelling things to him like "bye army daddy" "I love you" "be back in few weeks" "be safe in army camp" everyone was smiling in line
We were so tired. It's lucky we are so small. We got comfortable pretty quick to nap

I figured out a great way to travel with mason! He loved to "ride" my suitcase. It was very convienent way to get him around!
Mason watched the airplanes the whole layover. It was so fun to see his excitement. 
Mason took my iPad and sat over a few chair at our gate. He looked over to me and said "you stay over there mommy" well fine then!

We finally made it back to Spokane and then made the drive back to pullman. It was definitely a trip we will remember for a life time and recharged us to get through another 12 more weeks!!

Back together. For a bit.

It was a long day. We cuddled on the couch and ended up falling asleep. Didn't even make it half way through Toy Story! 
Mason loved loved loved every minute with Travis. It was so beautiful in charolette we spent most of the time outside. The next morning mason came around the corner and shouted "my daddy is still here!!" He was so excited!!

Handsome man in his uniform. I was mad he didn't get featured in the year book so we took some photos. 
Renee proud of their soldier!!
Love how silly the McConnells are
Mason playing with his "army daddy"

Since mason didn't make it to the graduation we got this picture when we got back to the hotel. 
Such a cute sleeper!!

Basic training graduation day. Finally!

A lot of people graduated! A lot! And I was nervous they were going to announce everyone butthey didn't. Fewf. Especially since it was about 30 degrees and freezing wind!! On the way back to base, mason got carsick so Renee stayed with him in the hotel room. It was actually a big blessing since it was so cold and much more boring. Lots of marching. 
(Photo by Kate Dooley)
Travis looked so handsome in his uniform. 
Travis and his parents. 
Cute hubs and I. (Making sure we are following PDA rules)
Travis and his battle buddy Zach Dooley (according to Travis the only one worth meeting)
Travis and chuck. Air Force vs Army National Guard. Even though he couldn't quite stand in attention anymore. 
Travis and his proud mama

Travis and Jim! 
A couple more of Travis and I. Trying to be serious or at least make him crack a smile in uniform. 
Travis and I with Kate and Zach Dooley (Travis' battle buddy and his wife!) we've become long distance friends! It's been great!!

After graduation we got to take Travis back to charolette to chuck and Renee's. It was so nice!!

Basic training graduation- family day

The first day we got to see Travis (Wednesday) was "family day" they gave us a briefing before but I could hardly pay attention because I was so excited/nervous/anxious to see him!!

Mason hung out on grandma Jim Jim's lap most of the time. 
The smoke started by tossing grenades as the started to March out. Mason loved it and was completely entertained. We have part of it on video and he loves to watch the "army men" over and over. 
I couldn't tell which one was Travis but I knew he was the tallest (he told me in about every letter!) when they released us to go find our soldiers (they couldn't leave formation until a family member released them) the bleachers were completely packed. Everyone was trying to go down the stairs at once. I was way too excited. I ran down the seats of the bleachers to the bottom and hopped the fence. I dropped about 4-5 feet! But I ran and found him and hugged him so tight. I was crying and stepping all over his boots and tugging on his coat. It was so great to see him again. After we left the feild he couldn't touch me again (uniform rules) so that was disappointing. But we went around the corner and mason shouted "my daddy!!" In the most cute excited voice I had heard him say! He didn't let Travis put him down pretty much the rest of the day (the PDA rules don't apply for children) 

Travis and Chuck and Renee and Jim on our way into dinner

We ate and shopped and talked. I had so much adrenalin built up I was feeling pretty sick. I kept squeezing my fist to try to release some energy. Chris hugged me tight and that seemed to help. It was just so emotionally draining. To be together again but different. It's hard to explain. 

After Travis gave us a tour of the base and where some of his activities took place, Chris and Jim went back to chuck and Renee's with mason. I stayed on base that night and Travis had to be back in his barracks before 8. I didn't get into my hotel until 6 because the rooms weren't ready. But it was nice to talk and really connect. 
Travis' group was a hard bunch of guys who kept getting into trouble. That is why he didn't get many phone calls or time to write. He was very glad that basic was over. I was very glad that step one is over! Now onto AIT!!

Neighbors playground.

Lucky us. The McConnells have a neighbor with a swing set! Mason is getting so big! Sitting on a swing! He even tried pumping his legs! He climbed and slid and ran all over! Love the wild boy!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


What do you get when you mix Sunny charolette days, a fenced yard and 5 adults to entertain you? An exhausted toddler boy! Mason ran and jumped and ran and tackled and chased and ate and slept and then did it all over again!  It was heaven!

Super cut!

The one thing I forgot to do before we left was cut masons hair (not bad eh?) so we didn't want him to look scruffy (it is an army graduation) we found a super cuts and brought him in 
She said he sat more still then most adults. 
Cute boy ready to see his daddy!!

Girls reunited!

I was so happy to see ashley Drolette and Valerie Isham when I was on my trip. Since they live in the area it was so exciting when we matched schedules to see each other and our kiddos. So much fun! Valerie has a gorgeous house and mason was a crazy man so we didn't stay as long as I had hoped but it wAs so worth it! 

Chuck and Renee's

We got to stay with some family friend chuck and Renee! Mason had so much fun in their yard. They spoiled us so much! Eating good food, not having to dishes or laundry and having 4 extra eyes on mason made our trip even more awesome!!
Mason loved all the leaves

Major hunk. Love this kid in little army clothes!!

Renee bought mason a cop car to play with while we were there. He loved it!!

Each night he crashed!! We had so much fun!!