Sunday, March 16, 2014

Casa goodbye/birthday

Our dear friends the Dunn's moved to Ohio! We were so sad but so excited for them to be done with school and get a new job! 
Almost every day mason reminds me that they are in Ohio. Tear. 
Before they left we are together one last time at casa. 
As  we ate we heard about 10 bday songs I swear. When our waitress walked bye mason stopped her and said "me next, hat and song please" it was hilarious and adorable.  So since it was recently his birthday he got the treat. 
He was a little hesitant at first 

But then he was so excited!

Love love love this cute boy!!

Also he was saying "courtney" and I was so confused why he kept callinge that. Until we saw his teacher (courtney as well) and her boyfriend. He of course wanted to say hi. Then he said "no dogs on the restaurant" ha because courtney has dogs but couldn't be them and so do we. Silly boy. 

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