Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pilot in training.

While waiting at our gate for our flight to charolette, the pilot came to talk to mason. Mason was so excited when he gave him a pin. The pilot asked mason if he liked buttons and wanted to come see the cockpit. Mason said "yes peez I lob buttons" As soon as I put our stuff in our seat he remembered and said "pilot buttons now!" We hurried to the front and I thought they would just say hi. Oh no they invited us in and got up from their seats. Let mason sit down and wear their hats. Then he reached for a button. I said "no don't touch" and they said "oh no let him touch whatever. We will fix it" so mason touched all sorts of buttons and knobs. I laughed thinking later of there was a malfunction they would come online and say "this problem is brought to you by the little boy in isle 8." Then he turned to them and said. "I do it. Bye" ha ha. Nice try. When it was time to go I told him to say thank you instead he said "I love you" that is like the highest of thank yous in his vocabulary! ha ha  But he happily found his seat and ordered apple juice when the flight attendant came by. It was seriously precious!6

Way to go delta! You made this little boys dream come true!!

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