Monday, March 31, 2014

Last days (Friday and Saturday)

The reason we got to take Travis home with us after the graduation was because we promised to take him to Fort Lee, VA by Friday at 5. Travis parents graciously drove us there. We left mason at home with chuck And Renee so he didn't have to be in the car for that long. It was a four hour drive and once we got him there he was lucky enough to get a weekend pass!! So we drove him back to spend one more night with me and two days and nights with his family. 
The next morning we woke up late (both alarms didn't go off!!!) so we were woken up by chuck much later than planned. So we were very rushed. It worked out fine and we made it to the plane without trouble but it made me pretty frazzled. 
As we said our goodbyes I held it together pretty well. Travis waited until we were past security to leave. Mason kept yelling things to him like "bye army daddy" "I love you" "be back in few weeks" "be safe in army camp" everyone was smiling in line
We were so tired. It's lucky we are so small. We got comfortable pretty quick to nap

I figured out a great way to travel with mason! He loved to "ride" my suitcase. It was very convienent way to get him around!
Mason watched the airplanes the whole layover. It was so fun to see his excitement. 
Mason took my iPad and sat over a few chair at our gate. He looked over to me and said "you stay over there mommy" well fine then!

We finally made it back to Spokane and then made the drive back to pullman. It was definitely a trip we will remember for a life time and recharged us to get through another 12 more weeks!!

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