Saturday, May 30, 2009

Part 3 the Boise Adventure

Oh we were so spoiled this past Memorial day. We got to go Boise to see Travis' parents and brother and sister in law. It was such a great trip and even better break from Rexburg.

We first went to see Travis' cousin graduate from Highschool in Mountain Home. It was a beautiful day. We spent a lot of time with travis' aunts uncles and grandparents. I love spending time with all the family. They are hysterical joking and messing with one another. It different than my family outings but in a good way. I am lucky to have such great in laws

Of course we went SHOPPING!!! it was so nice to finally go shopping where there is more options then the Teton Mall.
I got a new swim suit and a new jacket and jean skirt. My mother in law Chris is so nice and fun. I love shopping with her and my sister in law. We also got pedicures. Which went great with all my new sandals. I have been searching high and low for ones that i can wear on campus here is the assortment i have saved up... Jesus sandals here we come

Travis got a new putter (the one i said he couldn't get) so thanks Jim!! he loves it!!

We also went to the Zoo!! I LOVE THE ZOO. i was so excited to see the aminals. I got this cool african sounding bracelet and trav got some new sunglasses.

This little monkey was such a show off . That's that type of animal i would be if i was in a zoo.

We got to eat out at the best places. We ate at this Brazillian BBQ where they sliced the meat right off the skewers for you. It was so yummy and we ate SO much. and we got to eat at my favorite restaurant The Cheesecake Factory.

Before we left town i got this cute sewing machine cover at Hancocks and because of the the Memorial day sale i got it 50% off!! yay

Thanks again for a GREAT weekend Chris and Jim

Part 2 crazy update

School Work and Play

I am surviving the last semester of my College Career!! pretty crazy and i am trying to enjoy every minute of it. My classes teach me so much. A lot of patience among other things but i think that i am almost done jumping through hoops.
I still love kindergarten. It was my last week this week and next week we start Summer school but i am still doing kindergarten so i am happy with it!!
Travis is playing golf daily and on the Varsity Basketball team. He sure loves his sports we just bought these signs.

He is still enjoying work. He looks forward getting a worse and worse farmers tan. Its pretty funny.

Insane catch up part one!

So i have so much to catch up on (this is the reason why i don't write in a journal because then all i do is try to remember what happened all in one month)
So i've broke it up into parts
So Part one!!
of course i have been making lots of new things these past weeks.
First i made travis a new lunch sack out Simpsons fabric. I covered it in contact paper before i sewed it to keep it water proof and i can now clean it easily.
We also bought some new sandwich holders so we don't have to use plastic bags anymore. Our little way to improve the environment...
I started making it into a tutorial but then i sucked at it so i stopped. but basically i just traced a cardboard square and rectangle the size i wanted and then sewed them together. I'd be more than happy to teach you!!

Then i made a skirt. Easiest skirt i have ever made. It was made out of 4 bandanas. I measured my waist with elastic. Laid out the bandanas along the elastic. folded over the edge and sewed the elastic inside. I am going to make another one to wear to preschool. They are so light and breezy perfect for summer weather.

Then i taught in preschool on weather. I made these cute little paperdolls for them to play with

My new project is going to be this purse from Make it or Love it and some new reusable grocery bags... stay tuned!

I finally got a new phone!! it is a palm centro. I got a cute little Croc case to go with it. It keeps me nice and organized because it doubles as a planner

We are now on our own cell phone plan. Thanks jim and chris for letting us bum off your plan for so long. We still have unlimited texts.

Monday, May 25, 2009


It has been over 2 weeks since i have last posted. I have so much to fill everyone in on... however i haven't been able to catch a break so when i have time i will post the longest post of the century... SO stay tuned and sorry about the wait time!!

A little comic to illustrate how i am feeling right about now. I hope everyone had a fabulous 3 day weekend!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I love my mom!!

Well of course my Blog wouldn't be complete without a yearly boast post about what a wonderful mother i have!!

This is when my sister was on the homecoming court. (she is absolutely gorgeous) but i also love my mom in this picture. She is so stunning. She looks great and is so stylish. I grew up with her picking out all my clothes and i never was embarrassed she always bought wonderful stuff!!

I just love this picture. I am probably like 2. I love my mom and am so thankful for everything she has sacrificed for me and making sure i had the best life.

She is the best mom in the world. Hands Down. She is so selfless giving everything before she takes something. Perfect example, it took her 7 years to get her Kitchen remodeled because she let everyone get what they want first.

I want to be a mom like her someday. I love her cooking, her advice, her smile and sense of humor.

I miss you mom. Thank you for everything!!

And i cannot forget my mother in law. she is fantastic too!! she is a beautiful person inside and out. She raised 3 boys and is still sane!! I have been blessed by her generosity so much!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Today in kindergarten

I love love love kindergarten. I love kindergarten. really it is the best. Today I read a story about a cat. I asked the kids if they have pets. One girl said "I used to have a black poodle named jessi but my mom said he went rabbit and bited people so we killed it." ha ha

I was telling one of the little kids that i had the same doll (american girl dolls) when i was little and i still have them. Then she said "well if you don't play with them you should donate them to the D.I"

A little girl in my class said, "i told my mom you were my bestest friend and she said you couldn't be my bestest friend anymore" I wonder how that conversation went"

i just LOVE my class!! endless entertainment

mattooner update

I've survived the first 2 weeks of school and am ready for the third. With the semester already a 6th of the way done things are starting to mellow out. I swear teachers try and make the first 2 weeks really stressful so you will drop their classes. But "not i" (I have worked on a Little red hen lesson for preschool probably a total of 6 hours all group work mostly so its starting to rot my brain)
But cool news. We went to church and guess who was there...

for you that are not Mormon, this is one of the 12 Apostles of our church David A Bednar. He bore his testimony and his wife bore her testimony, He talked to us about working on our marriage and not giving up just because something isn't going perfect. He told us that a marriage is work. He told us that Pride will stand between us if we judge. He talked to the husbands about being good leaders and being helpful. It was such a wonderful surprise. But we also had president Clark (the president of BYU-I) our stake presidency and a few others. It was a very powerful meeting, one that i won't soon forget. After the meeting we got to shake Elder Bednar's hand. It was the coolest thing i've done churchy wise. I told Travis to snap a picture with his Iphone but he said it would be inappropriate. I guess he's right so you'll just have to take my word for it.

If you want to know why we have prophets and apostles click here:

We had a great Saturday too, I joined the gardening club on campus. We have a acre of land to plant on and what ever grows we get to pick and eat. Today I planted Peas. I did!! My thumb is getting greener already. The president of the club was laughing when i told her i had to dig in my closet to find something that would be ok to get dirty. I just don't have a lot of "play clothes" She grew up on farm and knows everything on how to plant to how to help deliver a cow. It's crazy. But i can't wait to see some things grow and get to eat some fresh produce.

We also went out to Idaho Falls to eat at Red Robin and go shopping. (we got our state refund check back and decided to treat ourselves.) We ordered the BLTA crossant and trav got the guacamole bacon burger and of course several refills of the best strawberry lemonade in the world Freckled lemonade.

We went to ross and i got some new Nike shox at a screaming deal. Its funny when Elder Bednar talked to us he was telling us the differences to love not to fight over between men and women. He said that in a man brain saving money is not spending it. In a girl brain it is getting a good deal. So Travis would say we spent money i say we saved it.

Then i also got this cute dress at Target. Travis didn't like it on the hanger but i assured him it looked better on. Then he approved of it. Here is the little steal i got for only $8.75

We bought travis some new golf shoes. He really needed them because he was making all his other tennis shoes reak. Please i need some advice. How do you get boy shoes to not stink? i am convinced that the only solution is Travis just needs more shoes so he is not wearing the same ones everyday.

My best friend from High School got home from his mission. Aaron served in England, Cantonese speaking. It was great to talk to him and catch up a little bit. It was really funny because i was baby sitting and he was making noise and Aaron asked me what the noise was and i said "my son" and he was like "what!!!" it was really funny.

Oh and we are moving in July to a 2 bedroom apartment. The whole thing has just fallen into place and we feel so blessed. I can't wait for my sister to move in with us and to have more space and our own washer and dryer. Ah heaven!!

well that is our extensive update. I am sorry it took so long mama!!