Saturday, May 30, 2009

Part 3 the Boise Adventure

Oh we were so spoiled this past Memorial day. We got to go Boise to see Travis' parents and brother and sister in law. It was such a great trip and even better break from Rexburg.

We first went to see Travis' cousin graduate from Highschool in Mountain Home. It was a beautiful day. We spent a lot of time with travis' aunts uncles and grandparents. I love spending time with all the family. They are hysterical joking and messing with one another. It different than my family outings but in a good way. I am lucky to have such great in laws

Of course we went SHOPPING!!! it was so nice to finally go shopping where there is more options then the Teton Mall.
I got a new swim suit and a new jacket and jean skirt. My mother in law Chris is so nice and fun. I love shopping with her and my sister in law. We also got pedicures. Which went great with all my new sandals. I have been searching high and low for ones that i can wear on campus here is the assortment i have saved up... Jesus sandals here we come

Travis got a new putter (the one i said he couldn't get) so thanks Jim!! he loves it!!

We also went to the Zoo!! I LOVE THE ZOO. i was so excited to see the aminals. I got this cool african sounding bracelet and trav got some new sunglasses.

This little monkey was such a show off . That's that type of animal i would be if i was in a zoo.

We got to eat out at the best places. We ate at this Brazillian BBQ where they sliced the meat right off the skewers for you. It was so yummy and we ate SO much. and we got to eat at my favorite restaurant The Cheesecake Factory.

Before we left town i got this cute sewing machine cover at Hancocks and because of the the Memorial day sale i got it 50% off!! yay

Thanks again for a GREAT weekend Chris and Jim


Scott and Becca said...

What fun! I love going to the zoo! The last time I went was in IF and boy, that is hands down the most pathetic zoo I've ever seen. I'm sure Boise was MUCH better. I love all your sandles too - waaaay cute.

Ma Mere said...

looks like you're all set in the sandle department. Glad you had a fun weekend with the in laws!