Sunday, June 7, 2009

Almost Done

I only have 6 weeks left of college!!!!

I can't believe i am almost done. I am so excited to be a teacher!!

These next 6 weeks are going to be busy ones:
I need too...
Make and Present a portfolio of all i learned in college
Write and Teach a week long lesson about the body to preschoolers
Finish the final touches on my Resume
Make and send announcements of my graduation
and countless other assignments to finish off my last classes.

Wow i am going to be busy but it is so worth it!!

and for good old times here is a pic of me as a freshman in College


Trish said...

I bet you are super excited!!! I can't wait to graduate...I still have 4 semesters left... bummer.

Stacy and Richard Dean said...

Yeah for you and almost being done! It feels very freeing and exciting yet scary at the same time. I love your pictures. Time has a way of moving so fast, and freshman pictures are always great. Congrats!