Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day and Love

I am so happy lately!! it has been super sunny here in good ol' Rexburg, but i am sure by saying this it will snow tomorrow! ha

Here i am on my first day of my last semester of college. Travis wasn't there to take the picture so i had to do it myself. Travis is working full time form 6am to 2pm and then golfing until dark.

My last classes started Monday and already got me on my toes. I had to read a 150 page book on professionalism in one night. It was an easy read but it was tough because sometimes i am not really professional because i am such a goofball. It something i am really going to try to work on. Being more serious but definitely not boring. I hope my cooperating teacher isn't a serious nazi.

Another great reason i am happy lately is our new ward. It is fabulous. I suppose it isn't really "new" since we didn't move but we have such a turnover rate with people moving in and out that it really has been fun to meet all the new girls. Today we had a great Enrichment (if i do say so myself, since i planned it.) It was a great turn out and we got to meet a lot of new people.

My classes are so far so good. I am only in 3 but they are all practicum experiences. So i work with kindergartners from 7:45-12:15 and Preschoolers for 12:45- 4:45 3 times a week.

Today a friendly man from the local presbyterian congregation gave me a New Testament. Some people were being really rude and putting their hands up when they walked by or just giving off the body language of rudeness. And i just thought that was kind of sad. We would never want that to happen to our LDS missionaries. So i think it is all about prospective. I think that is what Jesus would have done. Been at least nice about it even though he knew the truth. So just something for every one out there in blogger world to think about.

Travis has been golfing alot!! i never see him. But we had a competition who could close their mouth the most with a golf ball in it. My mouth won!! here is a picture although of course travis wouldn't let me take one of him trying.

Also i saw the Hannah Montana movie!! so cute!! it has the best music in it too!! Me and my friend Mindy went for her birthday. We went at night so the theater was almost empty because all the little kids were home sleeping. But i highly recommend it to anyone!!!

We rearranged our living room!! i love it. We brought my desk out into the living room so now i don't have to be all alone in the back of the hallway when travis is not studding these next couple months.

Oh and last i made a blog with some of the crafts i want to do and have done. It is still a work in progress. But when i make cute things i'll post the instructions so if you want to make something i've made you know how!! The site is here I named it "quarter's crafts" because that is one of my nicknames and everything on there is cheap and simple to do. But check back because it is a work in progress!!

So that is what has been up with us!! were happy and still love each other! (that's for my dad)

Ya for Summer!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Wow so today i babysat for 9 hours. 5 of which were at a park. I babysat a 5 month old and a 2 year old. Holy cow i am exhausted. They were very fussy today and so we went back and forth from their home and the park. They would cry at home i'd take them to the park they would stop crying, when it was time to leave they'd start back up. My arms are tired from holding 2 heavy babies and my legs are tired from pushing a double stroller back and forth 4 blocks 4 times today.

I wonder... are your own kids easier because you know how to make them stop crying?? I also wonder why God created crying. I am sure babies would be a lot easier if they just came out talking. I am not a fan of this can't talk so i'll cry stage. I am beginning to think that i will not do a good job as a mother. My mom is the best. She makes it look so easy.

I also went to visit my friend Nicole who just had her baby. 24 hours and 2 epidurals later she looked great and the baby was healthy. I think i would die if that happened to me. Please labor go easy on me or i'll never have more than one kid. ha ha

So this post is a post of doubt on my part but an admiration congratulation for all those who are moms. WOW hats off to you. Now i am going to sleep. I get to sleep in tomorrow. But school starts on Monday. whoop whoo

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hooray Hooray Hooray

I passed Assessments!! Graduation Here i come!!

I got an A- in Math 108 and Math Methods!!
I got an A in New Testament in Social Studies Methods!!

The Hardest semester of my whole life is done. I am so happy i can't even tell you!!

Now 3 more classes to go and i am going to be a TEACHER!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A great Easter

Today was a great day. We woke up and had some yummy breakfast. Then i baked some yummy goodies. They are super easy and very tasty. The first craft thing i have baked. The instructions are from a Blog called "bakerella" here: Except i made the cheap "college student version" and just made them with cake and dipped them in chocolate with sprinkles. They were so good though.

I delivered them to a few friends. I put them inside some plastic easter eggs and made cute bunny cup.

Then i was supposed to speak in church but the program went over time so i have to speak next week instead.

For dinner we ate some yummy steaks Travis cooked up. Then we played some golf in the yard.

Last we went over to our friend's Trish and Martin to play games and dye eggs. Even my husband put forth a good effort to
make a couple fancy dyed eggs.

Yay for easter. I am so thankful for my Savior and Redeemer. I know that his resurrection and atonement made everything possible for Eternal life.

Now on to a fabulous weekend of NOTHING. i can't wait i have been so busy for so long i just can't wait to just hang out and have nothing to do all day.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter everyone

Click twice to see it since it is getting cut off.

I know Jesus Christ died to save us all from sin. I love him and try to follow him in all that i do. He is a wonderful example to all of us. He loves us no matter what and all he wants is for us all to return to him. I am so grateful for him. I love Easter and i hope we all remember what sacrifice our Father in heaven and his son Jesus Christ has done for us.

Laugh at the past

My friend Katie just made this post on sense of humor and past things that at the time were so embarrassing and now you can look back and just laugh. So i wanted to copy her and make a list of things i too can look back on and laugh.

-When i was trying out different kinds of birth control my hormones and emotions were all out of wack. So i was boiling macaroni and the water spilled over. I went ballistic bawling because i was wasting water and people in "africa" don't even have water. *note: you pour out the water after the noodles are cooked anyways. I wouldn't have survived without my good patient roommates.

-I got hit in the face with a bowling ball on my first date with Steven Campbell. The bowling alley didn't have any big Band-Aids so they gave me a Pad. I held it on my chin and we got lost and couldn't find the hospital. I was panicking because i hate blood. When we found it i had to call my mom to tell her what happened. Then i went to school and had to tell the story a thousand times.

-I was giving this presentation for sex abstinence to freshman my senior year. I was standing in the front when the projector came on and i freaked out and hid my face and ducked because i thought something was shouting at me. It's funny to think about now but man i was so embarrassed.

- I gave a talk on "immortality" in sacrament but instead said "immorality" the whole talk. Not the same thing

-I used to think that Montana had a D in it like Mondana

- I dated this rich fancy pants kid in highschool and i never knew how to eat their fancy feasts over there. One time i was trying to eat an eggplant and i picked it up and took a bite like it was a pear. It made me gag right at the dinner table. I looked around and they are all slicing theirs up. wow

- We have some crazy home videos of us growing up being complete goofballs when we were in our parents old t-shirts as nightgowns and brushing our teeth. I think i could show those to just about anyone now.

- I was walking in my converse in the snow in rexburg. I was walking and texting (never a good combo) and i completely slipped and landed on my back. Not my but just straight to my back. on busy road. cool.

- I was attempting to learn to ride my bike again and i ran into a parked car at the post office. Like 4 people came out of the post office or out of their cars to see if i was okay.

- I played barbies when i was like 15 everyday played using voices and drama just like i was 7. I collected beanie babies and
played with my american girl dolls too.

- In high school i was the most naive and gullible person alive ever. I am trying really hard to improve that. i used to believe what anyone said.

- I needed my car jump but it was raining but a friend said it would be fine because the hood on the land cruiser was big enough. So i had him jump it. When he was connecting the cables he acted like he was getting electrocuted. i started screaming and running and circles in front of everyone climbing into their cars getting ready to go home. He stopped and laughed and laughed.

Oh the memories of the past. I am sure their are much more but these are the ones that came to mind.

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Great Day

Today was great for the following reasons:

Today i finished my finals!! yay.

I also got to spend time with my aunt, uncle and cousins.

We went to Porters. I love my aunt because she is so crafty and so when we are walking around she thinks things are just as cool as i do. It has become a tradition to go there and shop around a little.

They also took us out to eat at Craigo's pizza buffet. It was so good. Thanks again guys!! Its so nice to spend time with family. All my family lives very close to each other in washington so i grew up with one giant family reunion seeing them all the time. It is something i definitely miss.

Then i came home just in time to wait for my wonderful husband to come home from work. He only has 2 more nights left to work before he gets to switch to the day shift. I can't wait.

Oh and my ma mere sent us easter gifts with my aunt and so we got some new surprises. I got a few new sweatshirts and a new pink cartagain (sp?) THANK YOU SO MUCH. my mom is the most thoughtful person in the world.

I also got her old sewing machine. so expect to see some fancy things made in the near future!!

Oh and to finish off a great day i get to be part of the East program at church and i am talking on Eternal life.

Tomorrow is my last day of work and school for a whole for a whole 10 days. All i am going to be doing is sleeping, organizing, crafts and temple work. I can't wait for the break!!!

Oh blessings in abundance ho-raw

Monday, April 6, 2009

Social Studies Methods

My favorite class this semester is Social Studies Methods. It is so fun! we had to make this presentation called a "museum fest" where the class walks around and does different activities without teacher instruction. I did mine on "character education" which is a category that teaches students about themselves and values and rules to live by etc. So i made mine for Kindergarten and made it wheelchair assessable for special education. That way all my future students can reach the activity. So i cut the poster board in half so that all the activities were lower.

The first activity is a little diecut paper dolls where the students will dress themselves and draw on eyes and hair. Then there are little fish in a fish bowl where the students will put on sparkley scales like the book The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfisher.

Then on the other board there is an activity about listening, turn taking and cleaning up. Very simple values for kindergarten to comprehend. I can't wait to show it off to my class.

Its final week and i am doing just fine. I am very impressed with my stress level. I finished assessments. I haven't gotten my final grade but i did get a 89 on the written part of the final!! yay!!

And my Aunt and cousins are coming this weekend and i can't wait to go on our Porter's run!! I just love family!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I looked out the window and what did i see?!?!


should it surprise you?!? it is April... but then again it is April. Ridiculous. Come on spring i know your out there some where please grace us with your presence.