Friday, September 26, 2008

Football has begun

so travis started practice this week and is LOVING IT. he is a busy guy though. he goes to school then football then work almost everyday. so we don;t see each other long but were doing okay.

I was at walmart (or target if my dad is reading this) and i got some water bottles but they were too heavy for me to lift out of the cart so i asked this guy in the car next to mine and he lifted it into the trunk, then he saw travis' football gear in the back and asked me whose it was. i told him "my husband is the quarterback for the Wolverines." and he was like "oh my gosh your married to Travis Mattoon!? he is incredible blah blah blah about how amazing he was and how there going to win and he can throw so far. Ha ha i just laughed... Travis is the new Rexburg Celebrity.

Here is our football season relationship in a nut shell. I ask travis who he is on the tv. he says Tony Romo (we were watching the dallas cowboys) then i say "That means i am jessica simpson!!" he tells me never to say that again. ha ha oh what is love!!

here i am in travis' get up. he wouldn't put it on so i did instead. He got way too small of pants so they actually fit me.

Friday, September 19, 2008

we love and miss you

My wonderful grandma Barb died yesterday and she will be missed greatly. She was a wonderful grandma, wife and mother. I have so many good memories at her house with the whole family. I remember getting to sleepover with all my girl cousins and helping her get ready for the labor day picnics. I miss her so much. These are some photos from my wedding. I am so happy for the plan of salvation and can't wait to see her again someday. I send my family my love and am sorry i can't be home right now. I love you.


Travis was the number one overall draft pick for the BYU-I football league this year!!! over 160 people tried out!! i am so proud of him!! these are his sweet cleats we got on Eastbay!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


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1) I can't draw at all but i can cut like a mad woman ha ha. Its a weird thing but for example i can't draw a flower but i could cut one out of paper perfectly with out lines!! so when i need to draw i just cut it out and glue it on.

2) I learn to teach. I have always known i wanted to teach because whenever i learn something new i want to tell everyone it so they will know it too. I think that is why i always share my opinion about everything.

3) I want a house so bad!! i have all these sweet ideas to paint and drill and make all my sweet home touches. i also want a garden and a organized garage and see through kitchen cupboards. Travis wants to build our first house someday ha ha he's so manly

4) I have always been so motherly. I am very nurturing but i think i baby people and accidently talk to them like they are five. so sorry its not because i think youre five its just my voice.

5) I am really bad at time judgement. I think things that take a long time can fit in an hour (like going to Idaho Falls) or that things will take forever when they don't (like laundry) so i am either late or early all the time.

6) I love love love making friends. I love talking to people. When i am in a bad mood i blog surf or go down my phone list or go over to peoples houses and it makes me feel so much better. I also hate going anywhere by myself so i invite people to go on random errands with me.

So, that's me. I want to know about. . .

1) Orchid
2) Mccall
3) Tricia
4) erin
5) Nicole
6) kelly

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My Ten Favorite Things

So i don't have much to blog about. Of course school started and is going great. Trav and i do homework together with the football game on but muted. Its so cute. he loves learning but not sharing and i learn to share so were working on getting used to that. But i didn't think that was too exciting to share so i decided i would go around my house and take picture of my 10 favorite things. If you know me you can guess what is on the list. Feel free to do it too it was pretty fun. So here is the order with my favorite thing being Number one so with out further ado..

#10 Small Notebook

These are my favorite to carry at school because they are smaller (5x7) instead of a normal sheet of paper so they are lighter and you can still take the notes you need in class. the covers are plastic so they last really long. I am not a huge note taker so it saves me space and money to get these little ones. I wouldn't be where i am in school today with out them ha ha

#09 Striped Rain Boots

These babies are life savors in the winter. I tuck my pants in and they stay clean, I wear really heavy socks and my feet stay warm and dry the whole day. Plus i am virtually unstoppable against puddles and mounds of dirty snow.

#08 Tile Picture

I made this in young womens forever ago but i LOVE it. It is a picture of me and my sister clara when i won homecoming queen. I love it because we are so close and happy. Me and Clara never got along like i wanted us too but this picture we are so i think thats why i like it so much. That and we both look HOT ha ha what? we do!!

#07 Vera Bradley Bag

I have a rather large collection of Veras but this one is my favorite. I love the bright color and the handles. The pockets are magnetic and i can carry just about anything i need in it!! I've never met anyone who owned a vera and didn't like it.

#06 Lime Green Computer

I had to put this in here because i love the color and i just got it updated so it works so good. Its so fast and the images are so clear. Its so quiet and i just love it. I can do my homework and play my games while trav is in the front room watching the game

#05 Vinyl sign and willow

This shelf is above are bed. The sign says "Travis and Courtney" "always kiss me goodnight" i love it i think it is so cute and i read it everyday. I also love the little willow couple because my cousins gave it to me and i makes me feel like an adult because my mom always had them growing up. i don't know weird association but true

#04 Heart Necklace

My in-laws got me this necklace for christmas last year and it is so fancy. It is so pretty. It has my birthstone and diamonds up the side. I don't wear it too much cuz i want it to stay shiney and i would be so sad if it got lost but it is by far my favorite jewelry. well besides maybe my wedding ring but thats in a different category i suppose.

#03 Sims Games

I love to play these games. When travis got his X-Box i got to pick out some of the expansion packs i wanted. Then i found all of these on e-bay for the price of one at the store so i won them. I love to make up our future but mostly i love to design the houses and name the children ha ha

#02 Quilt

I helped my mom make this quilt and its been my favorite for many years. I love all the colors and textures. I am always freezing so this definitely keeps me warm. I can't wait until i get my own sewing machine and attempt to quilt like my mom. i say attempt because there are still chunks of this quilt that aren't done but it still works

My Favorite thing in my Apartment
TRAVIS... were you expecting something else?
And i even got a picture:

So there is a list of my favorite things and my blog post for the week!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

So much to Blog about!!!

So school starts tomorrow and I am SO excited. Me and Travis are both going this semester so it will be so fun. We're not taking math this semester because it was the wrong class. but were going to try to take a religion next semester together. I am on the home stretch with only 3 more semesters left. If everything goes as planned i will be graduating in July and student teaching in Fall!!
i have already started on some of my classes. "The Killers" I am making a resource file which is going to be a teaching file with over 100 idea to with little kids. With examples. Made Professionally. So that is going to be tough. But i have been starting them so hopefully that will be rewarding. I made a quiet book and some file games. I also got my own file cart. I felt like such a teacher. It was exciting. It has wheels so i can push it around and fill it with all my ideas. If anyone has ideas of things to make please hand them over so i can use them!!

This is a Page of the Quiet book i made from felt. i made a 20 page book of all different scenes.

This is the cool teacher file cart i was so excited about!!

This is a File Game that has to do with nutrition.

This is a silly puppet i made out of a stuffed animal. I just cut is mouth and made a mouth piece and sewed it into it so its jaw moves.

i had a craft night with my friends and made this adorable frame for my bathroom. i love it so much i am probably going to make even more. It was so easy. I just used a frame and an extra piece of glass and used a rub-on and hot glue. You rub the vinyl or sticker on the extra piece of glass and then glue it to the other sheet of glass so the sticker or rub on is in the center of the 2 pieces of glass and then hot glue it to the frame.

Church was wonderful today. I am turning over a new leaf. I am no longer going to be scared of everything. some may laugh but i am serious. It is time for the Fearless Courtney to Live and Love life. I realized today that my fears hinder my progress in my life. I worry myself sick on my irrational fears But its time for me to regain my life and stop being a scardy cat! I am also going to remember my blessings so i can be happy. This life is so meaningful we just need to realize how wonderful it is. I feel like i waste so much time being sad and i could use that time to brighten others and do things that will make me a better person. This is the only time in my life when i get to go to school and learn and have a ton of friends in my same circumstance. I am going to live the life i have always dreamed about instead of just wishing for it!! Its time for my old motto "life is too short to be unhappy" to be back in my life. I am so excited i just wish i would have decided this years ago!!
I believe that is all the updates on us... So wish us luck with school and hopefully it will be enjoyed but also go by quickly so we can come home foe CHRISTMAS!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bragging Blog

Ok so i just have to brag for just a sec. Me and travis just played the Celestial Companion Game (which is like the Newlywed game but cleeaner) where you are asked a question and you both have to write the answer then show them at the same time to see if they match and WE WON!!!! Travis is crazy competitive so he took it pretty seriously but it was so so fun. It was hilarious. i was so proud of us. We love the Christensen's don't get us wrong but it is a big accomplishment to beat them at their own game. So if anyone wants to battle it out and see if they can beat us then let us know. It was just great!! I recommend this game to all LDS couples for sure