Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Goodbye Chelsea

Pullman has taught me a lot. But one thing I can say for sure is that it's taught me how to say goodbye. Some of the best friends of my life have come any gone here. And it's so hard because I'm  excited for them and sad they are leaving at the same time.  Chelsea said pullman taught her the meaning of bittersweet. And I totally agree. 
Chelsea is such a great listener, talented crafter and genuinely funny and kind. We had a great few years learning from eachother. Oregon will be lucky to have her and her cute family!

Is it too much to ask for all of my best friends to live right by me with their dream jobs and dream houses!?! Dream heaven right there!

Eagle Scout chase.

Pretty impressed with my younger brother chase. He accomplished a lot last year and we are proud of him getting his Eagle Scout award. Mason has some great examples to look up too!
So in love with uncle chase!

Last time we are together for a while. Chloe's back to Hawaii. Christian wi go to Idaho and I'll be back in pullman!

We yub yake stebens

We went for a quick trip to lake Stevens after work on Friday and came home Sunday. We went to see uncle chase get his Eagle Scout award but also to play in the lake! Mason has been wanting to go all summer. 
My dad got his some fun shark goggles fins and arm floaters. 
Mason was jumping off the dock, floating in the waves and even going swimming out to the rock with uncle chase. 

We also went on t and Jens boat. I have lots of fun memories on the boat so I was glad we could share that with mason. He of course loved it. 
We also taught him the correct way to eat a bugle. Important life skills I tell you!
Sun family and lake water is a recipe for great times!

Visiting Anna

I was so excited when my cousin said she would be in coure D'lene for the weekend. We drove up and got to see the whole fam! We caught up and chatted just like old times. It's sad how we were best friends growing up and life just gets busy and we live so far away. So glad we got to see eachother and watch the kids play!

Ride the bull

Mason got to ride the bull at decagon annual party while Geoff and Jess were baby sitting. He loved it. Now he keeps saying "I be in the rodeo when I am 6 and touch the pegs" because that is what we tell him when he asks to ride the motorcycle. Wow we are going to be in trouble when we can't use that excuse ha ha 

Random July photos

All th rest of July and August randomness
Silly bath time. 

Crate time 

A funny poncho from Travis' childhood. 
"Yook mommy. I yook silyee yike you!!" Thanks Mason. Thanks. 

So much love for

His fav Jammie's are getting too small
And I am getting creative to keep his clothes (and diapers) on at night. Mom win!

It's exhausting being a princess. 
My new oragami owl necklace. 
Best marketing ever. I have been sharing comes all summer!!

Sleeping mason

I don't know why I love taking pictures of
Mason sleeping so much. Oh wait. Yes I do. Because I work every minute for his sleep! Ha ha. He goes and goes and goes until he crashes and then it's glorious ha ha. 

And he's just the cutest!!

Bowling with Kortnee and Ryan

Mason loves bowling. We go a lot. As in multiple times a week. He knows all the "rules" and can "order" his own shoes and ramp! We got a summer pass and use that. We can invite up to 4 adults. Mason invited Kortnee and Ryan to come (for Kortnees bday too!)
The boys bought hot wings that were so hot they were going to puke. They didn't want to look like wuss but they wanted milk and acted all tough. 

Kortnee and Courtney 

Masons game face. Ha ha. He's in the zone 

School pool day!

I love summer days when we take the kids to the pool. Even better when the whole center goes so I get to go to the pool with mas! He is a little fish! Win win win!

Mason thought he was so smart thinking of this one day this summer. 

Mason loves holding hands right now. Totally adorable!

New Oakley sunglasses.

I was so excited to finally get a pair of oakleys. Better yet they match with Travis!

Uncle buddy came to visit

Surprises are my favorite!! My brother Christian aka uncle buddy surprised us and came to church with us. 

Mason was being silly during pictures! Goof!!

I am so glad he took the time to come visit even though it was just a few hours!!

Pioneer Day

We had a great time at the primary pioneer activity. 
I made mason a bandana and put on his vest and hat. 
He was super excited to go!
They had a bunch of games. Mason loved them all. Eating a doughnut off a string was first. 

Then stick pull. We took turns winning. 
We dug for "gold"
And bobbed for apples. 
Then went swimming! 
We had a towel in the car. Some others commented on it. I said "I have a mason. I always have a towel" ha ha. Love my wild child!!

We also invited john. The two enjoyed their apples together. 

Happy Pioneer Day 2014. We are so thankful for their hard work and sacrifices!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dissmores appreciation day

I love all the awesome things the town of pullman does. Dissmores a grocery store threw a party with free dinner and activities. Mason had a blast in the bouncy house. 

Then he wanted a "cougar face" 

Mason had a blast and slept so well that night!!