Monday, January 31, 2011

Starting Tomorrow...

February is National "Pet appreciation" month, among other things (dental association month, month of love etc) I thought it would be fun to do a whole month of posts about my puppies! Cuz I sure do appreciate them (most of the time ha ha) So if you are interested stay tuned. If you're not well I suppose I will probably post other things about our month as well. So yay for February.

PS Tomorrow I am getting a filling... terrified yes ma'am.

14 days of valentines

I have been doing this little "14 days of valentines" every year Trav and I have been married... since he never checks our blog, let alone my craft blog I thought I'd post what I've got. I give him one thing every day of February until Valentines day.
Don't think I'm corney but will you be my valentine?

Lifesavers "you are my Lifesavers"

Hersheys hugs and kisses "I love your hugs and kisses"

Glow stick straws "you light up my life"

Peanuts "I'm Nuts about you"

Travis loves old spice. He especially loves "Swagger" both the name and the smell. So these are just for him. Ke$ha Song reference:

And just a funny saying we made up, No one likes swass

This one is a little sarcastic... but I know Trav will think its funny.
Nerf gun "Marrying you was a shot in the dark... But I scored a bullseye. Nailed it!

Reeses pieces "I love you to pieces"

Hot tamales "you're one hot tamale"

Nerds "thanks for loving a Nerd like me"

Crush pop "I have a crush on you"

Oreo dipped suckers "I'm a "sucker for you"

The last two are a bit personal so I left them out. But here is the original list of valentines. I just tried to mix it up from year to year.

I'm "NUTS" for you, Valentine!

I "CHEWS" you, Valentine! (gum balls)

You're a "LIFESAVER"

I love your "HUGS & KISSES"

I have a "CRUSH" on you, Valentine! (crush pop)

You're one "HOT TAMALE!!!"

I "TREASURE" your love, Valentine!! (choclates)

You're my "BIG HUNK," Valentine!!

You're "EXTRA" special too me!!

You're a real "SWEET-TART"

Call me "CORNEY" but will you be my Valentine? (corn nuts pop corn)

Don't "SNICKER," be my Valentine.

I love you "MOUNDS," Valentine.

You're one "WHOPPER" of a husband.

My love "inflates" for you (balloon)

I love you to "pieces" (reeses pieces)


Somedays I feel really.... little. I am only 5'2 and about 110 pounds. I also look a lot younger than I wish I did. I also thought I looked better in Highschool.
Teaching preschool wasn't my first pick, but I have grown to love it more than I thought possible.
I feel like I have a big heart. I want others to be happy. I mean anything I can do to make others happier I will do. Even if it means putting their needs above my own.
Sometimes I wish that we could all love a little more and be a little nicer.
Today I taught my preschoolers what it means to be happy. Their answers were adorable. I told them next time they are sad to think of something happy and it might make them feel better. About an hour later a boy got hit with a block (yep thats 4 year old boys for you) and he started laughing and told me "I am trying to think of me driving a racecar so I am happy" I couldn't help but smile. I love when they listen to me. I love it even more when they teach me more than I can teach myself.
And that is why, even though most people wouldn't think a small little preschool teacher like me could do much good, I know I am just a little better than I was the day before.
And to me that matters more than looking older, taller and prettier... just saying.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ice Skating

Tonight we went Ice Skating for a ward activity.

Travis was amazing ice skater. I was just happy not to fall.

After skating for two hours travis had these little snow balls on the bottom of his jeans. It looked liked little pompoms.

I invited my friend Allison and her adorable little girl.

The Dunn's showed up at the end too!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I promise I'm not perfect

Let me prove it to you in 10 honest ways:

1: Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth... I also haven't went to the dentist for 3 years. Tomorrow might be a nightmare

2: My house is rarely spotless. My mom was/is fully capable of keeping everything perfectly organized and clean, despite having 5 kids. I am not that talented. I am guilty of shoving clutter in back bedrooms when guests come over, or even if its in the background of my photo I plan on posting on my blog.

3: There are dirty dishes on my nightstand, in my sink and in my dishwasher right now.

4: I don't shower everyday.... or do my hair or make-up either

5: I laugh at others expense even though I don't like it when others do it to me.

6: Sometimes I don't think very nice things about my husband or dogs.

7: I am secretly lazy. Most people think because I am crafty I am not lazy... but really I could lay in bed all day and do nothing... pretty much did it the whole time I was unemployed... Thank goodness I have a job

8: I wish I enjoyed reading my scriptures and going to church more.

9: I set 3 alarms to get myself up in the morning. Sometimes I get dressed as fast as I can so I can climb back in bed before I leave

10: I don't work out or walk my dogs. my slim physique is all genetic which I hope never goes away.

and the list goes on and on
NOW you know 10 major flaws... here is what I am going to do to try and change

1: Pray for strength to get out of bed and do something productive.

2: Set timers for the computer and TV so I don't spend all evening on them

3: Bring a small set of scriptures with me to read on my lunch break or on the bus

4: Serve others more so I avoid being lazy and help others out.

5: Do my very best to improve everyday.

What can you do to try and improve?

And because every post is better with a picture here is cute one of Bandit in a bucking bronco costume.... How cute is that!

This week's happenings

Monday- My visiting teachers came by. Travis and I ate at cougar country for his birthday and He went to class I went to work. This week I taught about Polar bears and Penguins... they are winter animals. This is the last week of our "winter" theme.

Tuesday- I went visiting teaching. We ended up chatting for about 2 hours. Travis went to a study group. He goes to a lot of those these days ;)

Wednesday- I went to work and came home sick. I had a horrible headache and nausea. I think it was related to lack of sleep. Or maybe my horrible toothache! I slept all day while Travis went to classes. I really missed my mom. She always took such good care of me when I was sick. Later when I was feeling better we went to the Dunn's to watch Modern Family. We do this every Wednesday. It wasn't on so we just chatted about the dentist.

Thursday- Today Travis went to school and I went to work. I love my job. I really miss it when I can't be there. I scheduled my dentist appointment for tomorrow morning.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday plans- Tomorrow I am going to the dentist. Travis is going to get our registration updated for the car. After work my girls and I are going to work on some Valentines ideas for the boys while they play video games. I plan on starting my I-spy quilt on Saturday. Travis might play church basketball. We have Church on Sunday. It is also my turn to make Sunday dinner.

Pretty average week for my play by play. As I look over my week there is always ups and downs. Some days are more eventful then others. Definitely average. But you know I am happy with my life. Ya I definitely look forward to having children and not being poor and living the "student life" but for now I am just content. It is a great feeling.

P.S. I don;t know if you have stalked the blog Notes of a very red kitchen. But she just posted this awesome post about being honest on your blog and not envying others blogs. If you're interested check it out HERE

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy birthday to my Hubbs

Travis turned 25 today! That seems so old. I sure love him and had a great time spoiling him all weekend.
We spent friday with the Dunn's at the Up all night party at WSU It was vegas night and so we played poker, bingo, watched show girls and karaoke, and decorated poker hats.
Saturday Travis played a game of basketball in the morning then we (the dunns and muais) headed out to Lewiston for a dinner and a movie. We saw guliver's travels. (which was really good ps. Jack Black was made for that part)We ate out at Macullens a steak house. It was delicious!
Then on Sunday Jaimie and I made Asparagus Chicken and basically a feast. I also made a Ice cream cake! I may never buy one again!
And I brought my camera and left it in the car we did not take so here is the only pictures of the weekend. I am failing at my goal!

Court's Craft Room!

I am SO excited to finally show you my craft room! Where my creative magic occurs. I spent MLK day/Human rights day working on organizing it!

I tried my new panoramic feature on my camera. Here is the full view of the craft room

and around the corner

Here are my sewing machines

And my cricut!

And my FABRIC!

My fun wall with pictures of my friends and memories

My vintage ladies banner made by the one, the only Christie

I used my antique window box to help organize. I sorted my buttons and embroidery floss by color and also made easy access to my scissors and glue gun.

And more girly decorations of my favorite things, meaningful cards and photos

Here is another view of my closet and left wall. I got the Taylor Lautner poster from my BF Jaimie (love her!) I keep all of my "to do" projects on the wire shelf. Also I freed up some space on the little table for a hot glue station.

And last all of my ribbon and supplies in mason jars. someday I want this on a shelf but for now it is on my window sill. I love love me some mason jars.

SO what do you think????

Friday, January 21, 2011

A point to remember

My cousin posted something on her blog today that really got me thinking. I wanted to share it with anyone who reads my blog. She pretty much talked about how it is easy to get caught up with other people's blogs and wish you had their life, their time, their talents. I do this with so many craft blogs and friends blogs as well. It is easy to post everything good that is happening but skip the bad, the boring or the ordinary. But she talks about printing the blog and making it a journal. I want to do the same. So how can it be an honest account without writng all of the everyday things. I want to do my best job recording so I am going to start posting about the everyday, boring stuff. Because this blog is me and truth be told, besides the occasional evening out I am pretty chill. So heres to a new year and an honest blog!

Dear Anna,

I am glad you posted this Anna. I do the same thing with craft blogs wishing I could stay home all day and just be creative.
I do look at your life (pretty much only through your blog but it should be more, like at least through phone conversations) and wish I could be more like you. To enjoy being poor and have faith to have children when my husband is in school. We all share the very best of ourselves on our blogs and in reality we should try to do better at painting the real picture.
You have challenged me to be more honest. Positive yes but honest still the same. We can't print these pages for our future posterity if we don't share all the good and the bad.
Love you! Miss you lots and lots. Thank you for having the outlook I was afraid to show!
Your Favorite Cousin,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The 2nd 101 things in 1001 days list

I finished writing my new list! I replaced the old one on my side bar with my new one. I also transferred the goals I did not complete to my new list so I can finish them this time. In 1001 days I hope to have all of them done but if not, more than 70% of my list done so I can continually improve. Wish me luck. If you make a list let me know. I would love to know what you come up with.
End date Thursday October 3, 2013

Again these are in no specific order:

1. Learn to drive in the Snow and Ice
2. Make a quilt thats not jean
3. Participate in Just because gift Challenge
4. Make a tutorial for something I made
5. Get certified to be a teacher
6. Evaluate my goals monthly
7. Go on a date with Travis once a month
8. Bear my testimony in Church on Fast Sunday or Speak in Sacrament
9. Drink 8 glasses of water a day for a week
10. Write Buddy on his mission every other week
11. Find a way to stay motivated
12. Run a half marathon or do a triathlon
13. Work out 3 times a week for 3 months
14. Write down 50 things I like about myself
15. Get family picture taken every year (0/3)
16. Buy a CTR ring for my pinky finger
17. Mark at least one verse in every page of the Book of Mormon
18. Sell my crafts
19. Buy a necklace from Betsy Farmer (
20. Make bread
21. Organize my craft room by putting in shelves
22. Make a new Ironing Board cover
23. Pay off CC debt
24. Pay off Car
25. Pay off Court's Student loans
26. Create a binder full of "get happy" quotes, music, pictures etc to cheer me up when I'm down
27. Be a friend to someone I don't like
28. Get pregnant
29. Don't laugh at others expense. Stick up for them
30. Help Travis graduate from the Sports Management program at WSU
31. Paint a room in my apartment
32. Go home 4 times (0/4)
33. Start a Journal of me and Travis’ relationship
34. Earn In-State tuition at WSU
35. Help Travis get a scholarship
36. Help Travis get an internship
37. Do something creative and cute (as a surprise) once a month for Travis
38. Make a list of characters in the scriptures and their attributes that I want to emulate
39. Evaluate my Christ-like attributes (in PMG) every 3 months
40. Host a party every 3 months
41. Host another Murder mystery dinner party
42. If possible breed Nala
43. Make a craft once a week for 2 months and blog it
44. Train the dogs to spin, gravel, nod and high five
45. Pick a gospel topic to study each month to build a better testimony
46. Volunteer in a hospital if possible
47. Read the whole Conference edition ensign
48. Memorize the Temple Endowment
49. Attend a college sporting event
50. Get an album cover and name all my songs on Itunes
51. Make a difference
52. Finish my Doctrine Journal by adding D&C notes
53. Help Travis make a 101 goal list… maybe we’ll shoot for 10
54. Do a photo project from
55. Learn to Crochet
56. Identify 5 people who've made an impact on my life and tell them
57. Do my Visiting Teaching
58. Take a self portrait every day for 1 month
59. Go a week without complaining
60. Make a quiet book
61. Don't spend a dime for a whole week
62. Go to General Conference in Utah with Travis because he’s never been
63. Take the dogs on a walk to Moscow on the Chipman Trail
64. Repurpose a piece of furniture
65. Blog a little more every year (more than 85 in 2011)
66. Donate blood
67. Do something for a cancer sufferer
68. Go one week without using the internet
69. Answer the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”
70. Make a blog button for my craft blog
71. Get WA plates and a WA Driver’s license
72. Take pictures in a photo booth with Travis
73. Use the new features on my camera
74.Take a pottery class
75. Make a playlist of music to get me up in the morning
76. Buy something I really want and give it to someone else
77. Get a library card
78. Write a letter to a general authority
79. Write 12 thank you cards a year for random appreciation
80. Cut vynal with my cricut
81. Buy a new charm for my charm bracelet to represent my puppies
82. Go skiing
83. Label my books so I can bring them into my classroom
84. Be able to do 50 sit ups and push ups
85. Organize photos on laptop and passport
86. Floss every night for a month
87. Read a motivational book
88. Go to a midnight showing of a movie
89. Wake up at the first alarm everyday for a month
90. Update my “person I want to become” list
91. Draw a picture for Chloe and mail it to her
92. Buy and use and address book
93. Make 20 new resources for my classroom
94. Make a list of 100 good qualities and star the ones I have
95. Take a picture of me and Travis doing something once a month
96. Make a QVC/As seen on TV knock off
97. Document 100 things about me
98. Pay for the person behind me in a drive-thru
99. Take a trip to celebrate graduation/anniversary
100. Make a things to do with Travis list
101. Make another 101 list before this one is over