Monday, January 31, 2011


Somedays I feel really.... little. I am only 5'2 and about 110 pounds. I also look a lot younger than I wish I did. I also thought I looked better in Highschool.
Teaching preschool wasn't my first pick, but I have grown to love it more than I thought possible.
I feel like I have a big heart. I want others to be happy. I mean anything I can do to make others happier I will do. Even if it means putting their needs above my own.
Sometimes I wish that we could all love a little more and be a little nicer.
Today I taught my preschoolers what it means to be happy. Their answers were adorable. I told them next time they are sad to think of something happy and it might make them feel better. About an hour later a boy got hit with a block (yep thats 4 year old boys for you) and he started laughing and told me "I am trying to think of me driving a racecar so I am happy" I couldn't help but smile. I love when they listen to me. I love it even more when they teach me more than I can teach myself.
And that is why, even though most people wouldn't think a small little preschool teacher like me could do much good, I know I am just a little better than I was the day before.
And to me that matters more than looking older, taller and prettier... just saying.

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Ma Mere said...

You are the best courtney! Don't ever forget that or doubt it for an instant! Love you!