Monday, January 31, 2011

14 days of valentines

I have been doing this little "14 days of valentines" every year Trav and I have been married... since he never checks our blog, let alone my craft blog I thought I'd post what I've got. I give him one thing every day of February until Valentines day.
Don't think I'm corney but will you be my valentine?

Lifesavers "you are my Lifesavers"

Hersheys hugs and kisses "I love your hugs and kisses"

Glow stick straws "you light up my life"

Peanuts "I'm Nuts about you"

Travis loves old spice. He especially loves "Swagger" both the name and the smell. So these are just for him. Ke$ha Song reference:

And just a funny saying we made up, No one likes swass

This one is a little sarcastic... but I know Trav will think its funny.
Nerf gun "Marrying you was a shot in the dark... But I scored a bullseye. Nailed it!

Reeses pieces "I love you to pieces"

Hot tamales "you're one hot tamale"

Nerds "thanks for loving a Nerd like me"

Crush pop "I have a crush on you"

Oreo dipped suckers "I'm a "sucker for you"

The last two are a bit personal so I left them out. But here is the original list of valentines. I just tried to mix it up from year to year.

I'm "NUTS" for you, Valentine!

I "CHEWS" you, Valentine! (gum balls)

You're a "LIFESAVER"

I love your "HUGS & KISSES"

I have a "CRUSH" on you, Valentine! (crush pop)

You're one "HOT TAMALE!!!"

I "TREASURE" your love, Valentine!! (choclates)

You're my "BIG HUNK," Valentine!!

You're "EXTRA" special too me!!

You're a real "SWEET-TART"

Call me "CORNEY" but will you be my Valentine? (corn nuts pop corn)

Don't "SNICKER," be my Valentine.

I love you "MOUNDS," Valentine.

You're one "WHOPPER" of a husband.

My love "inflates" for you (balloon)

I love you to "pieces" (reeses pieces)


Heidi said...

Soooo cute!! I just may have to borrow some of these ideas!

Ma Mere said...

Cute ideas! Dad's on his silly diet this year so I'm not doing the full 14 days, just some of the ones with no candy!


kali said...

These are super cute ideas!