Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy birthday to my Hubbs

Travis turned 25 today! That seems so old. I sure love him and had a great time spoiling him all weekend.
We spent friday with the Dunn's at the Up all night party at WSU It was vegas night and so we played poker, bingo, watched show girls and karaoke, and decorated poker hats.
Saturday Travis played a game of basketball in the morning then we (the dunns and muais) headed out to Lewiston for a dinner and a movie. We saw guliver's travels. (which was really good ps. Jack Black was made for that part)We ate out at Macullens a steak house. It was delicious!
Then on Sunday Jaimie and I made Asparagus Chicken and basically a feast. I also made a Ice cream cake! I may never buy one again!
And I brought my camera and left it in the car we did not take so here is the only pictures of the weekend. I am failing at my goal!


Ma Mere said...

Glad he had a wonderful birthday! Let me know if his card doesn't get there soon!

Us. said...
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Us. said...

Courtney! That dinner looks so good! did you get the Asparagus Chicken to turn out? Mine tasted like pure vinegar...and our whole apartment smelled after I made it. I need some tips! :)