Friday, January 21, 2011

A point to remember

My cousin posted something on her blog today that really got me thinking. I wanted to share it with anyone who reads my blog. She pretty much talked about how it is easy to get caught up with other people's blogs and wish you had their life, their time, their talents. I do this with so many craft blogs and friends blogs as well. It is easy to post everything good that is happening but skip the bad, the boring or the ordinary. But she talks about printing the blog and making it a journal. I want to do the same. So how can it be an honest account without writng all of the everyday things. I want to do my best job recording so I am going to start posting about the everyday, boring stuff. Because this blog is me and truth be told, besides the occasional evening out I am pretty chill. So heres to a new year and an honest blog!

Dear Anna,

I am glad you posted this Anna. I do the same thing with craft blogs wishing I could stay home all day and just be creative.
I do look at your life (pretty much only through your blog but it should be more, like at least through phone conversations) and wish I could be more like you. To enjoy being poor and have faith to have children when my husband is in school. We all share the very best of ourselves on our blogs and in reality we should try to do better at painting the real picture.
You have challenged me to be more honest. Positive yes but honest still the same. We can't print these pages for our future posterity if we don't share all the good and the bad.
Love you! Miss you lots and lots. Thank you for having the outlook I was afraid to show!
Your Favorite Cousin,

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