Thursday, January 27, 2011

I promise I'm not perfect

Let me prove it to you in 10 honest ways:

1: Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth... I also haven't went to the dentist for 3 years. Tomorrow might be a nightmare

2: My house is rarely spotless. My mom was/is fully capable of keeping everything perfectly organized and clean, despite having 5 kids. I am not that talented. I am guilty of shoving clutter in back bedrooms when guests come over, or even if its in the background of my photo I plan on posting on my blog.

3: There are dirty dishes on my nightstand, in my sink and in my dishwasher right now.

4: I don't shower everyday.... or do my hair or make-up either

5: I laugh at others expense even though I don't like it when others do it to me.

6: Sometimes I don't think very nice things about my husband or dogs.

7: I am secretly lazy. Most people think because I am crafty I am not lazy... but really I could lay in bed all day and do nothing... pretty much did it the whole time I was unemployed... Thank goodness I have a job

8: I wish I enjoyed reading my scriptures and going to church more.

9: I set 3 alarms to get myself up in the morning. Sometimes I get dressed as fast as I can so I can climb back in bed before I leave

10: I don't work out or walk my dogs. my slim physique is all genetic which I hope never goes away.

and the list goes on and on
NOW you know 10 major flaws... here is what I am going to do to try and change

1: Pray for strength to get out of bed and do something productive.

2: Set timers for the computer and TV so I don't spend all evening on them

3: Bring a small set of scriptures with me to read on my lunch break or on the bus

4: Serve others more so I avoid being lazy and help others out.

5: Do my very best to improve everyday.

What can you do to try and improve?

And because every post is better with a picture here is cute one of Bandit in a bucking bronco costume.... How cute is that!

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Carrie said...

I LOVE your honesty:)! and your 100 goals is inspiring. You guys have such a fun blog.