Thursday, January 27, 2011

This week's happenings

Monday- My visiting teachers came by. Travis and I ate at cougar country for his birthday and He went to class I went to work. This week I taught about Polar bears and Penguins... they are winter animals. This is the last week of our "winter" theme.

Tuesday- I went visiting teaching. We ended up chatting for about 2 hours. Travis went to a study group. He goes to a lot of those these days ;)

Wednesday- I went to work and came home sick. I had a horrible headache and nausea. I think it was related to lack of sleep. Or maybe my horrible toothache! I slept all day while Travis went to classes. I really missed my mom. She always took such good care of me when I was sick. Later when I was feeling better we went to the Dunn's to watch Modern Family. We do this every Wednesday. It wasn't on so we just chatted about the dentist.

Thursday- Today Travis went to school and I went to work. I love my job. I really miss it when I can't be there. I scheduled my dentist appointment for tomorrow morning.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday plans- Tomorrow I am going to the dentist. Travis is going to get our registration updated for the car. After work my girls and I are going to work on some Valentines ideas for the boys while they play video games. I plan on starting my I-spy quilt on Saturday. Travis might play church basketball. We have Church on Sunday. It is also my turn to make Sunday dinner.

Pretty average week for my play by play. As I look over my week there is always ups and downs. Some days are more eventful then others. Definitely average. But you know I am happy with my life. Ya I definitely look forward to having children and not being poor and living the "student life" but for now I am just content. It is a great feeling.

P.S. I don;t know if you have stalked the blog Notes of a very red kitchen. But she just posted this awesome post about being honest on your blog and not envying others blogs. If you're interested check it out HERE

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