Sunday, January 27, 2013

Masons bday gifts

Thank you everyone for everything you picked out for our little monster!

Sunday best

Mason looked sharp in his shirt tie vest and blazer. Best part I got each piece for 25 cents a piece. Total cost $1.25 score! I'm telling you sugar britches quarter sales are the best!

Ice skating.

We were excited to go ice skating this year (last year I was too pregnant.) we really enjoyed ourselves and didn't fall! Yay! We both skated holding mason and I skated pushing mason on the bucket. He loved the bucket and looked so cute in his baby hockey helmet.

WSU basketball

Travis and I took mason to his first basketball game. The Clements and the Dunns went too. It was a good game and mason loved watching the players go back and forth and eating lots of popcorn.

Brushing teeth

Mason loves brushing aka chewing on his tooth brush. He is looking so much older!

Mason and paisley

It is so fun having mason and paisley play together. They are both getting older (paisley is the same age mason was when she was born) and more fun and notice each other. I love making paisley things (just like if I had a girl) to match mason too. Everything they do is just too cute not to take photos of!!

Dutch oven

We got a Dutch oven for Christmas and Travis seasoned it and made some delicious chili for us! I can't wait to go camping this summer. We got a huge tent, new chairs and a lantern as well! So we are set!!

Painting for Chloe

I painted this picture for my sister with help from my painting lessons from my friend rhea booth. A couple of months ago we had an auction and she auctioned painting lessons. I didn't win and I was super bummed so he taught me anyways. I wanted to paint a picture for Chloe because she will be moving out this year and when I moved out she drew me this gecko that I still have up to this day. Anyways. It is half the Eiffel Tower and half the space needle. I loved how it turned out and Chloe loved it too!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mason't first birthday (PARTY)

Monster party was the theme! He had such a great day. He loved all the attention and the CAKE! I made his outfits and the decorations. I will do another post about the party but here are some photos my friend Karyn Nash took.

baby teef

Mason has two bottom teeth and now is getting all four top teeth at once!
He didn't get his first tooth until the beginning of December. Then all of a sudden he got the other bottom one and then the top all started coming in January.
Mason hasn't been cranky. Just really tired and sleeps a lot. I haven't given him any medicine and I think it is mostly because of his Amber necklace!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mason's first hair cut

Mason had quite the mullet growing. We wanted to get his first haircut done with my mom when we went to see Kelsi but it didn't work out so Travis did it. I had to retrain Mason and he didn't like it one bit. But it turned out great and Travis did a great job. With out his baby hair, Mason looks so grown up!