Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well i am no longer going to sit around in my apartment all day. I start my new job Friday. I got a job at the "academy of Learning" at Butler University.  It is a daycare preschool facility that takes care of kids whose parents are in school. but the best part is that it is like a pre pre school you have to do lesson plans and teach the children. I am going to be in charge of the 2 year old room where i will teach 5 little kids. This will help me so much with my degree and practicums that are coming up in school. I am really excited. I was considered highly qualified so i get paid extra. Also i am the only white person that works there. Its going to be a whole new adventure.

Today i had to get a Drug test. Had to pee in a cup. I have a problem peeing on command so i spent a lovely 2 hours there. Chatting it up with the black men you know lol. Boy do i hate those. those as in drug tests not people.... The lady said that you should only have to take a drug test if you look suspicious. She said if you can fool them you should be given the job. It was pretty funny.

I also had to get a TB test taken (i am clear no worries) but the lady was this funny little black lady. she told me if i had TB that the bump would over take my arm. I laughed and she got all serious and said "no for real it will" it was so funny.

Now here are some funny stories about the people here in Indiana.... SO Entertaining....

I was filling up gas and there was this bumping car that past and i start all gangster dancing and this old black lady and her kid were cracking up at me. It was hilarious. 

Last story is i was checking out at Wally world and this black lady cashing us out was like "oo i like your necklace is it real?" and i told her it was and she said all ghetto "oh bet that'd look so good against my silky skin." i was a little scared so i think i got to be a little more careful of my wifey pearls.

I got plenty more but i realize they aren't half as funny to read as they are to tell so i guess i'll have to tell you them or something. anyways thats all for now love ya

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Indy Pad... an Upgrade from the Hallway home

You can't really tell how big they are from the photos but there is so much extra space. This is our bedroom and the door into our huge walk in closet. You could put a mattress in there and rent it out or something. I love it!! now only if i had all my clothes here to fill it....

Here is a view from our balcony were on the 3rd story so we have a beautiful view of the pond. Home of the killer geese. Seriously those geese are killers me and travis have both came really close to getting bit. luckily both times we saw it coming and booked it. freak.
there is also a pool that opens memorial day... you know i will be there. maybe even picking up a couple private lessons to make some extra money.

this is our main living room it has the rental couches and dining set. they are very comfortable. This area is so spacious. its really nice not to have a dining/kitchen/living -room and have space

SO ya that is about it besides the kitchen, bathroom,  and laundry room but who hasn't seen those before. we have pantries and cupboards galore. but just an itty bitty  bit of stuff, it keeps things simple though. Hope all is well with everyone Miss you all.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

hello from the MIDWEST

WOW what a trip it has been quite the drive. It was a 24 hour drive we did in 28 hours. Travis my crazy husband drove the whole way. It was so fun driving (well not through Kansas) and see the states. But we made it moved in and are now settled. I am ready to start our great Adventure. Me and Trav in front of the World War Museum that they have in Down town Indy.

On the way i got over my fear of horses LOL look i am riding one!!

We saw the Gateway Arch... and the mississippi river that was flooding all over the place

We rode on a Toll Road too... crazy states that make you pay to be on the road

Please keep intouch so i can stay sane!! miss you all and we'll be back before you know it!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Last day of Work,,, for a while :(

The saddest part of Leaving rexburg was leaving my old job with my closest friends. they are such a great bunch of girls. we had a party and got some group shots.

Silly silly girls make me laugh all the time

McCall!! we had some great times early morning

The sweetest girl in the WORLD she deserves it ALL

Orchid!! we are SISTERS!!!!!

Oh me and Nicole!! so fun chatting about our new husbands!!

Here we are all beautiful!!! I will miss them but i'll be back!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Pictures with my friends from work

Nicole had a going away party with the girls from work and we had a great time here are some pictures we took.

Travis calls this one mount rushmore

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Lists are my Obssession

It came to my attention not long ago (from my co-worker and friend Nicole) that i have a list for everything. I just find lists to be so organized. So i thought i would make a list of all the lists i have created this year alone. here we go...

  • List of things to do each day
  • List of 101 things to do in 1001 day
  • List of Characteristics i want to have
  • List of good qualities i do have
  • List of current obsessions
  • List of 100 things that make me happy
  • List of things i want to buy
  • List of reasons why i love travis
  • List of reasons i love/hate school
  • List of ways to get into heaven
  • List of things i miss
  • List of things i want to do just to say i did
  • List of foods i like to make that travis likes to eat
  • List of friends and why i love them
  • List of things i want to learn how to do
  • List of people i helped teach the gospel too
  • List of fears and how i would over come them... would
  • List of things that make me mad.sad.angry
  • List of people to write thankyou's too and why
  • List of Reason i love being alive

Ha ha and this is a list of lists. wow ok i hope you enjoyed this.