Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Morph thing again

SO a while ago i did this morphthing picture thing to see what our future offspring would look like but we used our grown up pictures and it was quite frightening (see August's post "regretting having children..." So while i am home i decided to try it with 2 of our baby pictures. It is a little blurry because cameras weren't very high tech back then but it looks much better so i decided to re post it!! so here it is the future baby mattoon!!

babytravjpg and babycourtjpg Faces Combined Together -

We are having so much fun hanging out with our families!! i will post pictures soon!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Digital Scrapbook

I have been digital scrapbook since my Aunt taught me how in the August. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. But i am not too good at it so i am kinda nervous to share. So here are some of my favorites of few that i have done. The first one is using my Aunt Shari's design (http://sharingcreations.wordpress.com) the second one is from SYA'S BLUEPRINTS by Aisyah Roslan. and the last one is my friend Elise's design (PixelGypsyDesigns.com) So enjoy!! leave comments if you like them because like i said i am nervous to put them out there because so many people out there are SO talented!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Do i look like a teacher?

This is the Picture everyone will see as i apply for student teaching!! i just signed up for my 2nd to last semester at BYU-Idaho. I am going to graduate in July!!! yaay!! I can't believe i will be teaching a year from now!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Random Picture post

My goal is to post something on my blog once a week. But the last couple weeks have been hard and boring. I have been stressed and grouchy and BLAH. so that is no fun to blog about. I have been thinking of something to post and came up with my own TAG i am going to start. So i chose 5 pictures i want to blog about. ENJOY oh and i pass this on to Stacy, Trish, Becca, Orchid, and Ashley and whoever else wants too and needs something to blog about!!

This is a picture of me and my cousin Braxton oh and his kitty princess. I love this boy!! He is back in seattle. I miss my family so much. Thanksgiving could not come sooner. I recently published a childrens book and he was featured in my story about senses. (when i get it back i will share it with you all i promise)

This is a wonderful picture of me and my husband. A few weeks ago we got our family pictures taken in the garden for our christmas cards. (i am keeping the pictures we used a secret) but this was a pretty good one. Travis was a pretty good sport after i promised him we would have 5 poses and then he could be done.

This is me and opal my freaking best friend last year at halloween. Ha ha we were "beauty and the geek" it was so funny. Me and trav didn't dress up or do anything for halloween so this is all i have to share.

I took this picture when me and my mom traveled to FRANCE my senior year. This is one of my favorites. The Eiffel Tower was breath taking. It was honestly the best trip of my life. I looked for the one me and my mom got together but it wasn't saved on my computer. She is so wonderful.

This is a picture from Toddler Lab. It is my favorite class on campus. The little kids are so adorable. The class is 3 hours and goes by SO FAST. i love every minute of it. I am so close to graduating i just need to keep my focus.