Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Santa diaper

We are one of those. People now. Ha ha that buy novelty diapers. But I could t pass them up. I loved them. Hilarious!

Smile. And a swim pass.

I took this picture today going into the pullman aquatic center. I decided to get a season pass to take mason. Something fun we can do to pass the time. We even sent it to Travis who got it right before he had to turn in his phone! We are so excited to swim!!

Nice shades.

Mason got a view from a new set of eyes while bishop George's family watched mason. Love my silly boy!!

Last family snuggle.

We spent the last night together snuggled up on the couch as a family. It was crowded bit perfect. I'm gonna miss this. 

Singing card

Great grandma Susie got mason and the dogs a barking card. It barks the tune of jingle bells. It played over and over. Mason loved it. So glad she thought of is this Christmas season!

Last snack with dad.

Before Travis left, him and mason watched plenty of football. He loves snacks and football with dad!

Penny a pin bowling

We decided not to work Friday after Christmas just so we could spend more time together! I am so glad we did. Mason loved bowling and it was really cheap! For each pin you knock down it costs a penny so if your score is 86 you pay $.86 (cents) it's pretty great. Also of you are good at bowling and get above 200 then it is free. Perfect for us! 
I scored above a hundred though. Of course when we are paying for it I do my best game ever ha ha. 

Mason wore baby bowling shoes. They were adorable. 
Daddy helped mason master the ramp!

As you can tell he was pretty excited!

Travis helped mason roll the ball granny style and they would stand and watch it go so slow all the way down the lane. 

Paisley and mason enjoying a snack. 

One happy bowling family!!

Also mason ran down the lane and slid. It was awesomeness. I had to contain myself to tell him no. Seriously if I didn't have to be a responsible adult it looked like a lot of fun!

Friday, December 27, 2013

His and her diplomas

We got a diploma frame for Travis diploma for Christmas. I was so glad we got them hung up. Side by side. I'm so proud of both of us completing our degrees and working so hard! I hope mason will grow up with a desire to be educated as well. 

Basketball hoop

Mason loves his new hoop. He woke up and that is the first thing he wanted. They are a little blurry but he was running around like crazy! I love my happy boy!

Stick horse.

Mason didn't get a stick horse for Christmas so he made one out of the wrapping paper tube. He ran around saying "giddy up" over and over!

Smoothies and Cheezy faces

Clara made yummy Christmas smoothies on he new blender! Mason loved them!!

Victor and mason and their Cheezy faces in the group photo. Love these guys'

Puppy bed?

Some puppies I know also love the new chair mason got for Christmas. Funny that they have a dog bed but would rather lay on the ground. But now they are too good for the ground ha ha

Matching Jammie's

Christmas Jammie's that match!! Too bad they didn't come in Travis' size ha ha

Tickle monster

We got this book for Chris and Jim. It is a tickle book with tickle monster gloves. You tickle throughout the story. Mason loved it!!

Cousin fun

Love these two. They had so much fun together (with minimum drama you get with a 4 yr old vs 2 yr old) 
When I was little I loved spending my holidays with my cousins! So glad Matt and Melissa could come from Texas!

Two of two Christmas mornings

Thank goodness for teenagers. since my house is full of people wanting their sleep we were able to do that Christmas morning at 9. We went over and had a great Christmas with them as well. 
Our.family Christmas tree

Mason got a basketball hoop from my parents. 

Also some new cowboy boots. They are black and red!

Brown bear brown bear book that he needed to be read to immediately. 
And wheels on the bus he didn't need anything else ha ha

But later he opened some clothes and some more shoes (slip on vans -adorable!)
Showing off his new slippers

I got a new Vera Bradley duffle bag, infinity scarves and a new necklace with a c on it. I got a tall Starbucks cup and brown leggings! Everything I wanted!
We also got new sheets and towels. Perfect!
Travis got this Kelly kettle and a diploma frame. I am really excited to display our diplomas together.  

It was a great Christmas morning!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

One of two Christmas mornings

We woke up and had Christmas with Travis' family first. Mason got right into the unwrapping and it was so fun to see his excitement!
Chris and Jim got him a buzz lightyear

We bought him this puppy. 

And aunt mellissa and uncle Matt got him little people and a ball truck. 

And grandma and grandpa also got him this giraffe chair. 

Spoiled boy. 
I got a Betsy Johnson purse/bag for work and a full length robe. Which I love!!!

Travis got a gun cabinet which is exactly what we needed!

It was a very Merry Christmas. 

Christmas miracle.

Mason took a Christmas Eve nap on me. It's been months so I am taking this as my Christmas miracle! My baby is growing up!

Cabela's mountain.

Travis loves Cabela's and we don't live by one. So every time we come to the west side we visit. Of course mason and I tolerate the trip. Mason love the animals so that's always my favorite part. 

This time he kept trying to break in ha ha 


Travis family has a piano. Mason loves to play it. This Christmas Travis' oldest brother Matt and his three kids are here from Texas. Mason loved playing "jingle bells" with his cousin kaylee