Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Penny a pin bowling

We decided not to work Friday after Christmas just so we could spend more time together! I am so glad we did. Mason loved bowling and it was really cheap! For each pin you knock down it costs a penny so if your score is 86 you pay $.86 (cents) it's pretty great. Also of you are good at bowling and get above 200 then it is free. Perfect for us! 
I scored above a hundred though. Of course when we are paying for it I do my best game ever ha ha. 

Mason wore baby bowling shoes. They were adorable. 
Daddy helped mason master the ramp!

As you can tell he was pretty excited!

Travis helped mason roll the ball granny style and they would stand and watch it go so slow all the way down the lane. 

Paisley and mason enjoying a snack. 

One happy bowling family!!

Also mason ran down the lane and slid. It was awesomeness. I had to contain myself to tell him no. Seriously if I didn't have to be a responsible adult it looked like a lot of fun!

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