Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cruise 2013- Day 5 St Thomas

St Thomas was great as well! It didn't have as much charm but it was still a great port to visit! We ate at a local restaurant to try the local cuisine. There was a down pour while we were in the restaurant and it was crazy how much water puddled up every where but then how crazy sunny it was after.

Here is a picture of the city as we walked towards it off the port. 
 It was  very long walk but we did it (saved the 7 dollars per person per way) But at least I got some great pictures!

 Here is a veiw of our cruise ship on the other side!

 Here is a picture of this ENORMOUS yacht next to another cruise line.
 The water was a different kind of blue here. It was still so pretty!

Yay for St. Thomas!

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