Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cruise 2013- Day four, St Maarten

Our first port day was my favorite! I loved the feel and the vibe of St. Maarten! The colors, the people and the foliage were just picture perfect. The water was the most gorgeous blue I have ever seen. The streets were brick or stone and the stucko buildings were so colorful.
We got off the ship and went into a few jewlery shops. Travis turned to me and told me to pick out a new wedding ring! He said since we got married so quick he didn't have time to get the ring I deserved. We looked at a few diamonds to go into my old band but quickly turned to colored gems. Since I loved the Tanzanite we found a new ring with one carat tanzanite and three rows of little diamonds on the band. I was so excited I teared up when they were done sizing it! It is perfect!

 After we were done there we decided to walk down town before our excursion. We needed to ask for directions and the local we asked offered to drive us. At first we thought he was a taxi but turns out he just gave us a ride in his personal car... I was a little nervous he wouldn't let us out but it ended up just fine! Thank goodness ha ha
 We loved the alleys and the laid back lifestyle of down town
 One place we checked out was called Cariloha! They all cheered it when you entered. They make everything out of bamboo. Sheets, towels and clothing. SO extremely soft. I definitely wanted the throw blanket.... but I pretty much maxx my budget with the ring ;)
 Palm trees and the greenest plants grew naturally all over
 This picture can not compare to the actual vibrant blue water. It was gorgeous
 This is closer but really I could of looked at it all day!
 The beach was busy but I was glad we could get one picture of us by the ocean (Travis is wearing Carharts because we were going horse back riding)
 Another beautiful beach photo. It was such a perfect day out, high seventies I think.
 More pictures I took as we walked the streets of downtown St. Maarten

 Looks like a postcard/screen saver doesn't it!

We saw this group of goats all by themselves eating on the side of the road 
 After we went back to the port we met up with our tour guide for our horse back riding excursion. Funny coincidence, it was the same guy who drove us to town!!
These photos were on our drive through the island to the ranch where they had the horses. The tour guide told us all about the differences between the dutch side and the french side of St. Maarten. He said marijuana was legal on one but not the other, same with prostitution, cock fighting and gambling, All on ok on one side but not the other. It was funny. He also said that gas on one side was over 12$!! He said there was a speed limit on one side but not the other and you have to be a little nuts to drive on that side.

And since we are excellent at using the "GoPro" here are the pictures from horseback riding! Oh dear... oh well it was very fun and probably the coolest thing I've done in my life! Part of the trail was in the ocean and we went waist deep as the horses swam. It was so amazing. I had no idea horse could swim. They kept makeing this weird sound and the guide said it was like a cats purr because the horses were so happy! It was a tough course that would have never been legal in America, as we went along cliffs and up and down rock quarries. We even got to run with them while on the road. My horses name was Isabella and she was a princess! She did not like getting in the muddy parts of the trail and she was very good following the leader! Travis' horse was named Madonna and she was a Diva. She wanted to eat and go her own way and do her own thing. Another couple was with us. The man had a horse named Tom. When Tom got to the sand he laid down and started to roll around like a dog! The guide started yelling at him by name saying "Get up Tom, no time for this, you're working" It was funny. The man was a little freaked out but wasn't hurt. Tom was also the lazy horse and wouldn't run. The guide would say his horse was "a race horse, but no Tom" The guide was hilarious and told us all about the island and eating iguana and how if we stayed two weeks we won't ever go home we will love it so much!

This is supposed to be pictures of the iguanas we saw. They were like 2-3 long! It was crazy cool!

And back onto the boat! It was the perfect day of our perfect vacation!

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I want to see a picture of your ring. That's so fun. It's beautiful there. So jealous