Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cruise 2013- Day Seven and Eight Bahamas and home

Our last day on the cruise was at Nassau, Bahamas! It was a fun island. It was a chilly and windy so we decided not to go to the beach. But we quickly went to a few shops to get our free jewelry and to find something for Mason. We ended up finding a cute painted wooden egg shaker that he loved. Originally I wanted to get him a maraca but then we decided against it because we didn't want him hitting it until it broke.

 Sting ray towel art to start the day!
 Welcome to Nassau!

 This fountain was so pretty and no one was near it so we got the perfect picture!

 I loved all the colorful buildings!

 This little horse had tiny hats!

 This is Atlantis

After we were done exploring the island we went back to ride the water slides with no lines. It was the perfect time to go. Then we warmed up in the hot tub!

 After the hot tub we took some pictures from the top deck. It was so beautiful as the sun started breaking through the clouds!

 Beautiful blue water
 I loved this little lighthouse at the end of the pier. Unfortunately it was too far to walk too.

Once Ashley and Justin got back on board we went to the Ice Bar. You had to pay for two drinks to enter but it was pretty worth it. We stayed in for 40 min just to make our money's worth. I drank 2 eskimo kiss drinks which tasted like a virgin strawberry daiquiri, everyone else drank 2 orange dreams, which tasted like orange creamsicles. Those were the only virgin drinks they had, We drank out of cups made of ice. At the end I shattered mine. It was awesome because it wasn't glass so I could ha ha

 We wore these parkas to keep us warm.... I was still pretty cold!

 Ashley and I
 Ashley and Justin in front of the viking
 Travis and I with the viking
 Ashley and I with the polar bear
 Polar bear ice sculpture!
 Ashley and Justin in the Ice chair
 After the Ice bar we went to a comedy show called "Second City" it was improv mixed with jokes about cruising. It was fun. One of the acts they spit water all over me and travis since we were sitting in the front row so that was nasty.

Travis stayed up late almost everynight to watch Howl at the Moon Late Night. He really liked them.
 Next we went to the Blue Man Group. Travis found it very entertaining, I found it crazy bizarre. It is funny and interactive and musical all at the same time. It wasn't what I expected but I am glad we went.
 Ashley and Justin with the Blue Man

Travis and I with the Blue Man

 In front of the sign promoting the show
 Since this was the last night we got ice cream one last time and got a picture with them. I definitely miss soft serve whenever I want it!

 Pictures infront of the 24/7 restaurant we enjoyed a lot!

 Two pictures I took of Justin and Ashley by another beautiful chandelier
 Our turn by the chandelier
 And that's the trip!
 The next morning we ate breakfast and spent the day at the airport until our 6pm flight home! It was a crazy long day but a great end to our perfect vacation!

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That looks like such a fun trip and an amazing cruise! How fun!!!