Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cruise 2013-Day one and Two

Instead of a giant post I am going to post about each day of our Caribbean. It was the perfect vacation and I feel so lucky we were able to spend time, just Travis and I, before he leaves for the military.
We took Friday the 22nd off from work to finish packing, sleep in and travel to the west side. We spent a few hours with my family for dinner before we headed for the airport. We took a red eye flight to Fort Lauderdale and left Seattle at 11, stopped in Houston and arrived at 6. It was exhausting!! We also lost 4 hours so needless to say we hit a brick wall! But we were still so excited to arrive at the port of Miami and board the Norwegian Epic.
First thing we did was EAT! We were so excited to eat starters, entrees and desserts for free. Then we explored the ship and made a "plan of attack" so we could get as much done as possible.
On board there was three water slides, a rock climbing wall that was either open for climbing or repelling, three complimentary restaurants, a buffet, pools and hot tubs, an ice bar, a few shops and a few restaurants that had a cover charge, including a stake house Travis was drooling over.
Then we went to a "Not so newlywed game show" It was hilarious. They chose a newlywed couple (on their honeymoon, a couple married 60 years and two couples in between. It was so fun to see the old couple still so happy together. After that we checked out Karaoke for the first night.... and every night after ha ha.
Each time we passed the buffet on the pool deck we stopped for soft serve ice cream! Starting at day One!

Day two was a day at sea. We woke up after sleeping in (and trying to catch up after losing another hour!) and went to breakfast. Seriously the food was the best. It was delicious and you could have as much as you want!
We spent the day exploring and trying out things on the boat. We also went to a shopping seminar to learn the best places to shop on the ports. They gave us information to get free jewelry by bringing in certain coupons to specific locations. They also told us about local shops and what to look for.
We tried the repelling wall and that was a lot of fun. We also looked at fancy watches and jewelry at the shops on board.
Later we discovered a dueling piano group that plays each night. They were called "Howl at the Moon" It was an all request show that played any music without notes. Sometimes they looked up lyrics but could play basically any song. It was very interactive and I was so impressed how fast they could play while reading other request slips, moving the ipad up, or talking to the crowd. They also sang and played drums. It was really impressive and entertaining!

Each night after the first night (and not the last) the stagemen turned down our room and left a towel animal. They were so fun!

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