Friday, December 27, 2013

Two of two Christmas mornings

Thank goodness for teenagers. since my house is full of people wanting their sleep we were able to do that Christmas morning at 9. We went over and had a great Christmas with them as well. Christmas tree

Mason got a basketball hoop from my parents. 

Also some new cowboy boots. They are black and red!

Brown bear brown bear book that he needed to be read to immediately. 
And wheels on the bus he didn't need anything else ha ha

But later he opened some clothes and some more shoes (slip on vans -adorable!)
Showing off his new slippers

I got a new Vera Bradley duffle bag, infinity scarves and a new necklace with a c on it. I got a tall Starbucks cup and brown leggings! Everything I wanted!
We also got new sheets and towels. Perfect!
Travis got this Kelly kettle and a diploma frame. I am really excited to display our diplomas together.  

It was a great Christmas morning!

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