Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cruise 2013- Day six

Happy Thanksgiving to us!
We were at sea and gain one of our hours back. We were headed to the Bahamas.

 Penguin Towel! I think this one was my favorite!
 Justin and Travis set to do more repelling! We loved doing this!
 Justin repelling

 Travis and I at Cagney's the Steakhouse on board. Travis had an 18oz Ribeye and I had filet mignon. Both were heavenly! It was a 30$ cover charge but it was so worth it! We had shrimp cocktail, wedge salad and creme brule as well. I ordered cream corn for one of my sides to celebrate Thanksgiving!

 Outside the restaurant by one of several fancy chandeliers on board

Next we went to the Legends' concert. They had a Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) and Elvis and Katy Perry impersonators. Steven Tyler was by far the best but it was a great show overall.

Then we went to a comedy magic show. Bruce Gold was his name and he was really funny. It was a quick show but really entertaining. At one point of the show he pulled a signed dollar of someone in the audience out of a whole orange and matched a card from the deck to a piece of toast that toasted the 3 of hearts into it! It was crazy. Oh and he made a table float which was always neat!
We also did Karaoke too. Justin, Ashley, Travis and I sang "Good Directions" by Billy Currington. It wasn't perfect but it was fun! I couldn't believe we actually did it. We had went all we just to watch but ended up performing on the last night of Karaoke.
 To end the night we went to a White Hot Party and did some dancing. Travis was in a great mood and totally out danced me! I was exhausted! but it was so fun!

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