Monday, January 24, 2011

Court's Craft Room!

I am SO excited to finally show you my craft room! Where my creative magic occurs. I spent MLK day/Human rights day working on organizing it!

I tried my new panoramic feature on my camera. Here is the full view of the craft room

and around the corner

Here are my sewing machines

And my cricut!

And my FABRIC!

My fun wall with pictures of my friends and memories

My vintage ladies banner made by the one, the only Christie

I used my antique window box to help organize. I sorted my buttons and embroidery floss by color and also made easy access to my scissors and glue gun.

And more girly decorations of my favorite things, meaningful cards and photos

Here is another view of my closet and left wall. I got the Taylor Lautner poster from my BF Jaimie (love her!) I keep all of my "to do" projects on the wire shelf. Also I freed up some space on the little table for a hot glue station.

And last all of my ribbon and supplies in mason jars. someday I want this on a shelf but for now it is on my window sill. I love love me some mason jars.

SO what do you think????


Opal said...

this looks so awesome! i'm so excited that you have this room now! its like a little paradise for you. :)

Ma Mere said...

Nice room, Courtney. I am jelous that I don't have a craft room! Love you!

Christie Bryant said...

WOWZER girlie! LOVE your craft room! SOOOO much space! Really, really, really cool!

Miss you so much! Craft exchange starts now! I'll work on a little embellishment to send you.


Jaimie said...

Love it. I also really love that amazing poster you have on your closet door...