Saturday, May 30, 2009

Insane catch up part one!

So i have so much to catch up on (this is the reason why i don't write in a journal because then all i do is try to remember what happened all in one month)
So i've broke it up into parts
So Part one!!
of course i have been making lots of new things these past weeks.
First i made travis a new lunch sack out Simpsons fabric. I covered it in contact paper before i sewed it to keep it water proof and i can now clean it easily.
We also bought some new sandwich holders so we don't have to use plastic bags anymore. Our little way to improve the environment...
I started making it into a tutorial but then i sucked at it so i stopped. but basically i just traced a cardboard square and rectangle the size i wanted and then sewed them together. I'd be more than happy to teach you!!

Then i made a skirt. Easiest skirt i have ever made. It was made out of 4 bandanas. I measured my waist with elastic. Laid out the bandanas along the elastic. folded over the edge and sewed the elastic inside. I am going to make another one to wear to preschool. They are so light and breezy perfect for summer weather.

Then i taught in preschool on weather. I made these cute little paperdolls for them to play with

My new project is going to be this purse from Make it or Love it and some new reusable grocery bags... stay tuned!

I finally got a new phone!! it is a palm centro. I got a cute little Croc case to go with it. It keeps me nice and organized because it doubles as a planner

We are now on our own cell phone plan. Thanks jim and chris for letting us bum off your plan for so long. We still have unlimited texts.

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