Monday, May 4, 2009

Today in kindergarten

I love love love kindergarten. I love kindergarten. really it is the best. Today I read a story about a cat. I asked the kids if they have pets. One girl said "I used to have a black poodle named jessi but my mom said he went rabbit and bited people so we killed it." ha ha

I was telling one of the little kids that i had the same doll (american girl dolls) when i was little and i still have them. Then she said "well if you don't play with them you should donate them to the D.I"

A little girl in my class said, "i told my mom you were my bestest friend and she said you couldn't be my bestest friend anymore" I wonder how that conversation went"

i just LOVE my class!! endless entertainment


Samantha said...

HAHA Oh my goodness. I love little kids. I have an American Girl Doll too! I ALMOST sold it on ebay (cuz they are worth a ton) but then I felt sad and couldn't do it. :] I guess I will just keep it for my little girls.

Katie Casey said...

This is hilarious. I love kids. :) lol.

Ma Mere said...

Little kids crack me up! Thanks for sending me the information on the housing stuff! Love you!


Missy said...

Hi Courtney! So I can tell that you do digital scrapbooking too, it's awesome huh? Well I use Photoshop, do you? That's how I did the collage for my S.I.L. I had a template with all the squares and so I filled them all in with pictures and I had this picture of her, and I changed the opacity of it so it was lighter. This is hard to explain...ha ha. If you have Photoshop, I would be happy to help you with it sometime. Let me know.