Monday, May 4, 2009

mattooner update

I've survived the first 2 weeks of school and am ready for the third. With the semester already a 6th of the way done things are starting to mellow out. I swear teachers try and make the first 2 weeks really stressful so you will drop their classes. But "not i" (I have worked on a Little red hen lesson for preschool probably a total of 6 hours all group work mostly so its starting to rot my brain)
But cool news. We went to church and guess who was there...

for you that are not Mormon, this is one of the 12 Apostles of our church David A Bednar. He bore his testimony and his wife bore her testimony, He talked to us about working on our marriage and not giving up just because something isn't going perfect. He told us that a marriage is work. He told us that Pride will stand between us if we judge. He talked to the husbands about being good leaders and being helpful. It was such a wonderful surprise. But we also had president Clark (the president of BYU-I) our stake presidency and a few others. It was a very powerful meeting, one that i won't soon forget. After the meeting we got to shake Elder Bednar's hand. It was the coolest thing i've done churchy wise. I told Travis to snap a picture with his Iphone but he said it would be inappropriate. I guess he's right so you'll just have to take my word for it.

If you want to know why we have prophets and apostles click here:

We had a great Saturday too, I joined the gardening club on campus. We have a acre of land to plant on and what ever grows we get to pick and eat. Today I planted Peas. I did!! My thumb is getting greener already. The president of the club was laughing when i told her i had to dig in my closet to find something that would be ok to get dirty. I just don't have a lot of "play clothes" She grew up on farm and knows everything on how to plant to how to help deliver a cow. It's crazy. But i can't wait to see some things grow and get to eat some fresh produce.

We also went out to Idaho Falls to eat at Red Robin and go shopping. (we got our state refund check back and decided to treat ourselves.) We ordered the BLTA crossant and trav got the guacamole bacon burger and of course several refills of the best strawberry lemonade in the world Freckled lemonade.

We went to ross and i got some new Nike shox at a screaming deal. Its funny when Elder Bednar talked to us he was telling us the differences to love not to fight over between men and women. He said that in a man brain saving money is not spending it. In a girl brain it is getting a good deal. So Travis would say we spent money i say we saved it.

Then i also got this cute dress at Target. Travis didn't like it on the hanger but i assured him it looked better on. Then he approved of it. Here is the little steal i got for only $8.75

We bought travis some new golf shoes. He really needed them because he was making all his other tennis shoes reak. Please i need some advice. How do you get boy shoes to not stink? i am convinced that the only solution is Travis just needs more shoes so he is not wearing the same ones everyday.

My best friend from High School got home from his mission. Aaron served in England, Cantonese speaking. It was great to talk to him and catch up a little bit. It was really funny because i was baby sitting and he was making noise and Aaron asked me what the noise was and i said "my son" and he was like "what!!!" it was really funny.

Oh and we are moving in July to a 2 bedroom apartment. The whole thing has just fallen into place and we feel so blessed. I can't wait for my sister to move in with us and to have more space and our own washer and dryer. Ah heaven!!

well that is our extensive update. I am sorry it took so long mama!!


Kreg and Anna said...

Way cool about elder bednar! So fun about the gardening (i totally should have done that), Love the shoes, no advice on stinky boys shoes sorry. what apts are you guys moving to? miss you!

Katie Casey said...

I too have a stinky husband. :)Febreeze is my best friend. I use it on RJ's shoes, in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, couches, in his car, everywhere. They finally made the air effects kind that you can spray in the air and on clothes and furniture. Invest in Febreeze, it will save your life. :) lol.
Dryer sheets are also amazing. I started storing RJ's shoes that he doesn't where a lot with a few dryer sheets in them. ESPECIALLY his football cleats. It helps A LOT. You can also put them in his golf clubs, sports bags, and all kinds of other places and it helps a lot. AND I use a lot of candles. :) LOL.

Shari said...

Wow,sounds like a great meeting. Gordon is out getting our garden ready as I type. There are some perks to having "big boys" living back at home. We try to keep them busy...more incentive to find a job. :)
So, where are you moving to? What's the name of them? You will have to email me all about it so the kids can find you. LOL

Ashley said...

Courtney! I was so excited to read this post! I have been wondering how you guys have been doing!!! It sounds like you had a way awesome weekend, and things have been going well! I am so happy to hear that!! Is the President of the Gardening Club Siter Jacobson?! If so she is one of my favorite people in the entire world! I worked with her in Activities!!!
I am sorry that I didn't get to see you when I came to Rexburg a bit ago.... it was really crazy and buys trying to get Michelle and Greg ready to move to New York, but I am coming sometime this month, and I want to see you when I come!!!
Love and miss you lots!

Samantha said...

Wow what a blessing to be able to be taught by Elder Bednar! That would be so neat!

By the way... I have NO idea how to get boys shoes to not smell. Rob keeps his in his gym bag so I can't smell them usually, but one day he left the bag open in the car and I got in and WHOA! It was bad...

The only solution I can think of has to do with having the feet taken off completely, but I don't think that is such a good idea.

Nicole Cope said...

I can't believe Elder Bednar came to your ward!! That's AMAZING!!! Oh and which two bedroom apartment are you moving into?? Heartland??!! That would be so FUN!!!! I miss you Court! We need to hang out.