Sunday, June 8, 2014

A trip to the west side

After Travis got home we needed to go see the fam! We had a big BBQ with my family and his at the Mattoons. It was so nice to do. 
Full car. Bandit not pictured. 

Travis and mas took a ride on the wave runners. Mason also jumped off the dock and went swimming with uncle chase. The dogs also went swimming. 

Most mornings look like this. Mason loves having daddy home. 

Mason insisted bandit needed sunglasses. Bandit obeyed. 
Taking a bath in gramzi's giant bathtub!!
We got a costco bed for the dogs. They love it!!
We couldn't find mason anywhere then we found him sitting on grandpa Jim Jim's motor cycle all by himself. Travis got on the back. Mason loves motorcycles but always tells grandpa Jim Jim to get a green one. Not red.  ha ha

It was a quick but successful trip. Until next time lake stevens!

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