Sunday, June 8, 2014

Solider homecoming.

I had invisioned this day for months! I was all ready with my signs and shirt and flag and so so excited. Then the text comes. Travis said his flight is midnight on Friday in Spokane. Literally the complete opposite of what I wanted. I wanted early in the week in the day in pullman. But I was still so excited it superseded my disappointment. Travis went to the airport as early as he could on Thursday. Lucky is he snagged an earlier flight with less layovers. So he texted real quick. I got it when I woke up and started getting ready to go. Then at ten I got a text that he made his connection and he would be in Spokane at noon! I had already got someone to watch the dogs and booked a hotel.  I had called the hotel but they didn't take same day cancelations so I figured we still stay up there. 

We arrived at the hotel with no problems. He would arrive in ten minutes. Then we got word the plane was circling because the air show was practicing. So we Waited longer and longer. So the signs went down. Then the flag then it was just a toddler mommy battle. But it was all worth it when we saw him!!
Sooooooo happy to have him home. 

I made mason's shirt. I loved the back too 
Travis showing mason the plane he came on. 
Mason saw how Travis was standing and he adjusted how he was standing so he could stand just like him. He was so happy to have his daddy back!!
This little soldier (and his mommy) definetly missed Army Daddy Travis!!

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