Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jesus' house.

New church clothes! I love this outfit! 

Mason is SO busy at church. But he is starting to learn the importance of going to church. 
A couple of cute church related things mason has said/done lately
First for whatever reason mason calls church "Jesus' house". Which is adorable and true. 
We saw a picture of the last supper at a restaurant and mason saw it and said "Jesus?!l" like what are you doing here. It was hilarious!
He had another bonk on his eye I said "mason  what happened to your eye? How did it happen?" he said "at Jesus' house" must have been in nursery
He wanted to wear slippers and I said "we have to look nice. Jesus wants us to dress good at church" and he said "Jesus like this slippers". Touché mas!
When we didn't pick up a friend for church he said "uh oh Jesus sad, Jesus not happy". 
When we went to the temple he said "Moroni has a trumpet?!" So excited. Ha ha. 

Love this little man!

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Karyn Nash said...

He looks like such a big boy! Love that outfit too.