Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WSU bears

Mason loves animals. He knows lots of animal names and sounds. He is obsessed  with dogs and birds. He also loves fish and cougars (pictures and the WSU logo) there isn't a zoo near by but he loves the wsu  bears. This area on campus where they have a live bear habitat where students observe them and care for them. We've stopped a couple of times but this was the best of all. Two bears were right by the fence and looking right at us. Then they went to their big basin of water and climbed in and were playing with this ball!  Mason was glued to the fence watching and squealing and saying "bear bath ball" over and over. Literally his three favorite thing all in one. He was reaching for them (its double fenced so he could reach them of course) but rarely have I seen him so happy. He was ecstatic. We watched them for like 20 min. When it was time to go I had to force him into his carseat as he screamed "bye bear" over and over. It was so awesome and I was so glad he loved it!

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