Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One month old

Mason was one month on leap day! We took a couple pictures to keep a record of him growing. Progression pictures. He looks so tiny. He's my little peanut. he weighs 7 pounds 13 oz and is 23 inches long
with the football grandma gave him
with Travis old stuffed dog Jake

with the pups

on his special quilt made by my mom

in his 6/9 month wsu jersey

This month went by so quick! I can't believe it. I am feeling much better and Mason is getting more alert everyday. He loves to grab on to things (hair, binkies, seat belts, blankets) and is doing great eating from both a bottle and nursing. He is definitely strong willed and knows what he wants and has a set of lungs to get his way! We love him so much.

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