Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last pic of the pregnancy

Things I don't want to forget about being pregnant
After Mason dropped he kept trying to bring his hand down to his face. It felt really weird since there wasn't anymore room
I got 3 new beauty marks on my stomach and a really dark line but no stretch marks. I used BioOil almost every day
I was so uncomfortable the last few weeks... they were probably the worst
I had a huge rush of nesting right at 36 weeks and we donated half the stuff in our kitchen and organized every closet in the house.
I made lots for the the nursery while I was nesting too
I gained 28 pounds
I loved my maternity shirts and jeans. They are so comfy. The yoga pants from Motherhood Maternity are also super comfy
I loved taking bubble baths with aroma therapy bubble bath
My feet and hands never got swollen or big
Mason kicked so hard when I was in the bath he'd make waves
I had horrible heartburn the last month no matter what I ate, especially at night
I worked every day up until the day before I went into labor. I only missed one day when I had a horrible cold.
I used a heat pad on my lower back the last few weeks because it was constantly sore
I slept on my lunch breaks everyday for the last 2 weeks
Bandit and Nala loved cuddling with me and putting their head on my belly. Then sometimes Mason would kick them
I would rate my pregnancy a 3 out of 10... ten being absolutely horrible