Saturday, April 24, 2010


I finished the Praxis! I felt pretty good about it even though I haven't taken a class since last July! My good friend Krystal and I took it together and we both are done with student teaching and I think we were the only ones there from our major that had graduated! We had a good time studying and having an excuse to hang out this past month or so. There were only 3 questions I had to completely guess on so hopefully that means I got the others right and passed.

Here are some tips for you that haven't taken the praxis.
*Find someone else who is taking it as well and study together. You can talk through problems and help each other
*Get a lot of sleep and eat a good breakfast
*Decide on a strategy on how you want to take the test. I did the written questions first and wrote down quick notes then answered them in full. Then I did the multiple choice. If I wasn't certain on the answer I circled the question and came back to it at the end.
*I had crazy core skittles in my pocket and popped one in my mouth when I needed a boost!
*Study techniques to reduce text anxiety as well as the topics the test covers. It helped me relax so much!
*Don't listen to rumors or talk to dramatic people before the test. It will just psych you out. Krystal and I talked about babies and crafts while we were waiting and then right before we started we motivated each other by reminding one another that we could do it!!
*Celebrate after with someone who understands what you just accomplished. Krystal and I left out hubbies at home and went to Twizel Berry together because we both knew how hard that just was!