Friday, April 2, 2010

Laid off and Jobless

Today was an unlucky day.
I was let go from my job at TNT Satellite.
It is horrible timing (but like it is ever good timing right?!) But Travis looses his job next week too. (He works for the school but you have to take 12 credits to have a job at BYU-Idaho) So we are just out of luck.
SO if you know of some place that is hiring in Rexy let me know.
Prayers are welcome for our well-being.
I loved my job and don't regret it. I made a ton of friends at Wolfe Lighting and learned a lot of great office skills.
I am trying hard to be strong and am lucky to have such positive optimistic friends and family to cheer me up!
Until next time with hopefully better news... Love you all
and for your viewing pleasure.... My friend Christie's adorable dog Marley thinks he is a lap dog... A HUGE lapdog.


Katie Casey said...

Ugh, that makes my heart hurt for you guys. RJ and I went through that in November. Praying for you guys.

Christie Bryant said...

Miss Courtney,
You are such a special woman and someone will see (a very soon) that you will be an asset to their (whomever it may be) company.

You and Travis are in my prayer.

Oh, and I think Marley weighs about 50 pounds more than you.

Brittany said...

Sad day!! I hope that everything works out for you soon.

susie said...

So sorry to hear that about your jobs! Our prayers are with you, and I know you will find something soon. Keep your chin up Courtney!!