Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy birthday 'Mercia

We had a great fourth! I made mason a shirt again this year and I made myself a headband and scarf. 
We love our freedom so much and are proud to live in this wonderful country. And although it's a sacrifice we feel privalaged to help protect those freedoms. 
We had a BBQ with the Cherrys, Travis' parents and courtney and Eric at our place and then went to endicott for their firework show. It is totally worth the drive!!

Mason wasn't ready for sparklers this year so we opted for glow sticks. He loves them!
mason loves gramzi!!
Mason and Chris and Jim 
Kisses for gramzi!
The Mattoon's and the Cherry's. 
Mason loved the fireworks. At first they played the national anthem and started mid way so it startled him. But he quickly loved them! And then he cheered more and more. Endicott does such a great show. And it's never too crowded. 

Happy Fourth of July!

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